Solo – Is Synonymous With Fantastic Entertainment

“Solo” gets Five Stars from Tony, Jenna, Marty and The Supreme Leader. I usually don’t let their household name for Uncle Larry slip out like this but considering how pumped I am right now about the latest release in the Star Wars Saga I am feeling it.

Please let me tell you what else I am feeling – like I just saw 95 Minutes of sharply written, directed, acted and most important – fast paced entertainment. Yes my friends real good old fashioned fun and entertainment from the first minute to the very last. I can’t tell you when I remember seeing a film that never once lost it’s pace and rhythm. I never thought about my missing prostate until the last shots rolled and I hit the back of the line in the Men’s room.

If you like Star Wars you will totally love this film. It brings back so many “future” memories and does it with style, humor, action and excitement it may be our favorite Star Wars film of all time. If you are modestly familiar with Star Wars and saw a few of them you will enjoy the show and appreciate the plot twists and turns, dialogue, humor and multiple crescendos of adventure.

If you are among those who just hate Star Wars my heart goes out to you and much of what you see and hear will be lost as the next sub plot begins and you’re trying to figure out who is who. Speaking of who is who – How far into the film will it be before you figure out which central character was played by “The Mother of Dragons?” I can tell you it wasn’t Woody Harrelson – but this role fit him perfectly and its the most I’ve enjoyed his work in years.

Solo is the most enjoyable film our family has seen in a long time. It is better than the most recent Star Wars and the Marvel Series, even the really good ones. Unless you are a Star Wars Hater don’t miss this movie on the big screen. The costumes, Droids, weapons, background scenery, fight scenes and flying through space will not be as impressive in home viewing. Speaking of the Droids and other “non human” characters to borrow a phrase from Obi-Wan Kenobi L3-37 “is the Droid you are looking for!” Some of the best lines and clever themes were offered by L3-37 and an invigorated Chewbacca.

We loved “Solo” and we think you will too!

The Supreme Leader

“If any man have ears to hear, let him hear!” … The rest hear the words, but do not grasp the meaning; the multitude have no ears to hear, all will be wasted upon them.

The verses below from God’s Word in both the Old and New Testaments are but a few of many verses that speaks to God’s blessings on the Children of Israel and being promised the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Kingdom of David and the City of David – Jerusalem in particular.

I send it to you today because as you know our President has made a God Honoring Decision by moving our US Embassy to Jerusalem – recognizing her as the true center of Israel. This decision will not sit well with those who do not Honor our God and his Word. It will no doubt stir world wide protest and violence and long term spiritual warfare from this world’s dark force – and I’m not referring to Star Wars. There is often a price to pay when we follow God’s Word.

“I will put my Spirit in you, and you will live again and return home to your own land. Then you will know that I, the Lord, have spoken, and I have done what I said. Yes, the Lord has spoken!’ Ezekiel 37:14

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May those who love you be secure.
May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.
For the sake of my family and friends, I will say, “Peace be within you.”
For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your prosperity.”
Psalm 122: 6-9

The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
Genesis 12: 1-3

Other verses you may want to read for further insight into God’s Mind as presented in His Word are:

Numbers 6:27 and 24:1
Deuteronomy 26:15
I Kings 8:66
Isaiah 62: 1 and 6-9

In The New Testament we read the Words of Christ: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5: 17-18

Luke: 21:24
Acts 1: 6-8; 3:19; 11:1; 15: 14-16
Romans 11: 25,26 & 29


Avengers – Infinity War: Good but not as great as we had hoped!

Marty, Tony and I all enjoyed seeing Avengers – Infinity War today. We are happy we went to see it on the big screen but given all the hype and the ticket sales revenue we were expecting a little more. A little more “Pop!” Relatively speaking, we liked Black Panther and the latest Star Wars a little better.

Infinity is a BIG MOVIE! Several of the characters are very big! Even the “Dwarf” is BIG! The scenes of the Universe and the various battles are all BIG! I hate to say it but if you are going to see this film you really should see it on the BIG SCREEN to appreciate it as a production. To state it differently if you even remotely think you want to see this film you need to see it in the theater. It will lose a lot, even on a 60″ Ultra HD TV.

I read comic books when I was a kid but money was not sufficient to have a bunch of them so I am “not in the know” on several of the “Marvel Super Heroes.” I don’t know how many Super Heroes there were in the film but it had to be close to twenty and I only knew about 50% of them and only about 25% of the Female Heroes. Speaking of the Female Heroes they were all excellent. There was this one Red Headed gal who was literally “on fire” and all of them were very easy to look at!

The leading men all contended for the leading role but it was a shared process. If I had to pick a favorite it would once again be Rocket the Racoon. Not that his “pecs” were on display like Thor but he had the best of the “one liners.” Speaking of a cast of thousands – or more like twenty Super Heroes – I was amazed at how the Director or Writers or both managed to fit them all in quite seamlessly. In fact the “Bad Guy” (Josh Brolin) was even hard to hate.

No actor in this film is going to be nominated for any awards. That said the Writing, Direction, Cinematography, Visual Effects, Sound Track and Music were all very good and will most likely be nominated.

I hate to say it but 156 minutes – two hours and 36 minutes was a little bit too long. In particular from around minute 120 to minute 146 tested the strength of my bladder. The opening was strong and the finish was strong so plan on being in your seat from beginning to end. If you posses the patience of Job stick around for all the credits and see the final, final ending.

All that said if you like movies and Marvel Heroes in particular you should see this film in the theater.


The New Roseanne Show -It’s Funny

Quick – read the list below and pick the person you least admire:

1. Mother Theresa
2. Billy Graham
3. Roseanne Barr

OK – that was easy now read this question and then pick the answer below. The Old/Newly Released “Roseanne” Show premiered yesterday. We recorded it and watched it tonight. Marty and I thought:

4. It was as objectionable as Roseanne is in real life
5. We thought it was hilarious

The answers are: 3 and 5.

I know, you think I’m crazy right? When you can record your shows we take a lot of chances and if a show is bad we just hit delete and its gone. The new Roseanne started out funny and it was funny and sort of realistic at the same time. If you can get over your feelings for the real Roseanne you may find the show quite entertaining.


1000 North – An Exciting and Unique Dining Opportunity in North Palm Beach County

Marty, Tony and I recently had a grand evening at the very upscale 1000 North in Jupiter. Sitting directly on the Intracoastal Waterway, with an outside Bar, an inside Bar and a dining room that can best be described as the place to be seen in North County its hard not to believe you have arrived!

On a lovely evening the outside Bar is going to be tough to beat sitting almost right on the ICW. When air conditioning is calling the luxurious inside bar has four seating options. No matter your choice you can order from the special Bar Menu or the full dining menu. Both of these spots are going to be jumping with the young to middle age North County adult crowd and those that want to be.

Knowing we are seasoned senior citizens we opted for the main dining room and really enjoyed the walk-in directly in front of the open kitchen – which was jumping and well choreographed by the former Chef at The Palm Beach Grill and Brick Tops on Palm Beach – quite a resume. We passed by the Private Dining Room (Members Only) and saw Michael and friends enjoying the evening. The main dining room is open, very impressive and has a big city feel with a buzz that says this is where you can have a great time. We noted the patrons were sharply dressed and seemed to be enjoying the view, drinks and their food.

Speaking of food there are plenty of options. The feature of the house is their wide selection of very fine steaks. While the prices reflect the quality and portion they are on par with the fine Steak houses in West Palm and Palm Beach. While waiting for our winning lottery ticket to be punched we enjoyed an excellent selection of apps, shared two entrees and loved the desserts. The items we would definitely get again are The She Crab Soup, Steak Tartar, Mac ‘n Cheese (maybe the best ever – so rich) and who doesn’t love a Salted Truffle Fry. Marty is a Prime Rib gal and 1000 North’s Prime Rib may be the best I have ever tasted. It was so tender, moist, prepared exactly as we ordered it and could easily be cut with a dinner knife.

The Staff was very friendly, their service was excellent and they managed to avoid any new restaurant gaffes. 1000 North may not be in the budget for every North County diner but it is worth giving a try to see what all the fuss is about. If you are careful with what you order and avoid expensive wines you can have a great dinner you can afford to pay for – about on par price wise with Kee Grill and several of the Brand Name restaurants in the PGA Dining Corridor.

We all thought 1000 North was very impressive and are looking forward to their Sunday Brunch – reservations strongly suggested.

Wisdom and Discernment

Dr. Tim Keller, founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC, prolific writer and renowned Theologian – along with his wife Kathy penned a Daily Devotional titled: “God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life.”

Our good friend Jan sent us a copy for a friend and we ordered one for ourselves it was so good. I’ve always had great difficulty making any sense out of Proverbs. The meter and rythym of the writing always seemed odd to me and it’s propensity to leave the door open to different view points seems to me to be different from the rest of the Bible.

Dr. Keller points out in the introduction that Proverbs is difficult for English speaking people to fully grasp because it is written in a style of Hebrew poetry using “parallelism” or using two or more thoughts or phrases to reinforce each other. As a redneck from Between, GA I prefer for my “Books” to simply say what they mean and leave it at that. Dr. Keller points out that unlike the rest of scripture – which is composed of “absolutes” and “commands” Proverbs uses Hebrew Poetry to express thoughts about what life is really about – choices. For example when King Salomon writes about “discernment” in 1:2 he is not speaking of simply having the wisdom to know right from wrong but also to understand the difference between good, better and best. Real discernment/wisdom comes when we can choose from multiple options and discern the impact of those choices.

“God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life” is available on Amazon for $13.52 – about the same as an appetizer in most of Palm Beach Counties restaurants.

I particularly enjoyed The Keller’s perspective on “The Troublemaker” in chapter 6: 12 to 15. Here is the text:

A troublemaker and a villain, who goes about with a corrupt mouth,
who winks maliciously with his eye, signals with his feet
and motions with his fingers, who plots evil with deceit in his heart —
he always stirs up conflict. Therefore disaster will overtake him in an instant;
he will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.” Proverbs 6: 12 to 15

The Keller’s observe that troublemaker’s “corrupt mouths produce decptive omissions, half truths, and inneundo.” When I read this line my mind immediately thought of the Media age we live in today. Depending on your perspective and political leanings theirs might be an apt description of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, The NY Times and God Forbid even on occasion on my favorite Fox News.

Game Night – Did I say we liked this movie?

Did you ever go out on a date – or with your spouse to the home of some friends and find they were delightful, innocent, transparent and you could read them like the back of a match book cover? This disjointed sentence may not have anything to do with this movie – Game Night – or maybe it does!

Game Night attempted to be a clever double or triple twist and for the very simple minded pulled it off. That would not include you of course. Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams and friends gave us some good laughs and we can tell you we enjoyed it. We can also tell you we would have liked it more as home viewing – no matter how long our budget mandated we wait.

Avocado Grill – Downtown at The Gardens

Avocado Grill – What do you think they serve there?
Where is the line between creativity that leads to high quality and just being different for difference sake? A couple of years back we jumped in with all the “foodies” and drove to the new Avocado Grill (AG) in WPB. We thought it was interesting and had a sort of “we didn’t have a big enough budget to finish the place” decor. I’m not real crazy about mixing my food groups so after two visits we said “Uncle.”

So now AG is hotter than a pistol and has opened in a very big space at Downtown at The Gardens – the Grave Yard of shopping centers in PB County. We held off for a few weeks to let it settle in and actually enjoyed our late lunch/early dinner today. The service is excellent and the bar seems top notch and flexible about it’s “mixology”

The room and outdoor seating are very attractive and in case you go and are wondering the huge AG on the north wall stands for Avocado Grill and all the plants and ferns in it are fake. Fortunately the food and drinks aren’t.

We tried the Avocado Margarita from the special drinks list and we got what we deserve for falling for that. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. Mercifully “V” at the bar was open to mixing her special blend of Blanco, Repasado and Anejo with just simple syrup and a full lime. She did a great job and things started to look up!

Our server Bud is a man born out of time. He should have lived in the ’60’s but who knows, maybe he did. After a lot of input about not liking to mix my food groups he recommended the “Whole Avocado Vinaigrette” for ONLY $6. It was excellent and we should have ordered one each instead of splitting one.

We followed with the Guacamole for $13 – what else do you order at an avocado restaurant? Bud recommended we try the crispy carrot slices for two bucks and to roll the dice and for $4 upgrade to the Crab on top. I’m not into healthy or mixing my food groups but the carrots slices were great for dipping into the Guacamole – instead of the usual corn chips – the the Crab added a nice flavor offset to the rich and somewhat spicy Guacamole.

For an entree we ordered the Grilled Steak Tacos. It consisted of two “small” soft shell tacos and some very good crispy fries. Thank goodness for the fries because the tacos were small in size only – not in hot and spicy! In addition to our continually full mason jar water container we were saved by a small bottle of Chamay – real Belgium beer brewed my Monks in where else? Belgium!

Marty and I liked AG and will go back again and look forward to trying the Grilled Prime Burger and V’s personally designed Margarita.

How To Bake A Red Sparrow Pie

How do you bake a Red Sparrow Pie? Throw in:

One pretty good script from a well conceived plot with several surprise twists;

Slowly stir in and bring to a low boil a large portion of SEXUALITY;

As the first two parts begin to simmer add in two heaping table spoons of graphic violence for an extra bit of flavor!

Set your timer for two hours and twenty minutes and ask yourself these questions:
1. How much do I want to see almost all of Jennifer Lawrence?
2. How much do I want to see Jennifer Lawrence pretend to have sex in positions we could never manage?
3. Does the thought of the epidermis of the “good guy” being stripped from his shoulder sound appealing?
4. Are you a really big fan of the old fashioned spy thrillers where the Russians were really bad?

If you answer yes to three or more of these questions then go to the theater and see this movie soon on the big screen. In answer yes to only question four and have some interest in Jennifer Lawrence’s sexuality then you still should see this on the big screen.

Otherwise you can wait for home viewing where you can fast forward the nudity shot of MS. Lawrence and the Epidermis peeling. Bet you can’t do it!


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MO The First Time in this Century I have agreed with the “Members of the Academy!”

With some significant warnings Marty, Tony and I believe Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Mo (3 BB) is by far the best home viewing film we have seen in a long time. That said if you are sensitive to cursing you will be offended by the dialogue. Maybe I’m just excusing bad behavior but the language and bigotry in this film reflects the world it was meant to depict.

Speaking of the dialogue it is outstanding. 3 BB is a Dark, Violent, Brooding Film but in the midst of that the screen writer created moments that I can only describe as very dark but very funny! Is this movie a comedy? Absolutely not – not in any sense of the word. The truth of this film is wrapped up in one of its final lines – Anger begets Anger.

I can not remember a film when the quality, depth and breadth of the acting was as good as 3 BB. Frances McDormdand (Fargo) deserves all the credit she has received and I hope she gets a gold Statuette to go with it. FYI she is married to one of the Coen Brothers in the real world. Sam Rockwell immersed himself in the role of a rural Southern bigot deputy but it was hard not to love him in that role. In addition to his acting chops he had some of the film’s darkest, yet best humor. Woody Harrelson took a deep breath and reached back to the level of work he did in Natural Born Killers.

We loved this film but you may not! If you can not get past the way angry and foul mouthed people talk you will be offended. Please don’t see this film and then tell my you were offended by the language and the bigotry.

Finally I read on Wikipedia that much of 3 BB was actually filmed in Sylva, NC – which is in the Western NC Smokies about 36 miles by car or 22 miles “as the crow flies” north of Highlands, NC – a place Marty and I love to visit.