The New Roseanne Show -It’s Funny

Quick – read the list below and pick the person you least admire:

1. Mother Theresa
2. Billy Graham
3. Roseanne Barr

OK – that was easy now read this question and then pick the answer below. The Old/Newly Released “Roseanne” Show premiered yesterday. We recorded it and watched it tonight. Marty and I thought:

4. It was as objectionable as Roseanne is in real life
5. We thought it was hilarious

The answers are: 3 and 5.

I know, you think I’m crazy right? When you can record your shows we take a lot of chances and if a show is bad we just hit delete and its gone. The new Roseanne started out funny and it was funny and sort of realistic at the same time. If you can get over your feelings for the real Roseanne you may find the show quite entertaining.


The Crown – Netflix – Royally Entertaining

If you have a smart TV and want to see some of the best entertainment on “television” you really do need to subscribe to Netflix. I think we are paying $9 a month and not only is “Wi-fi” the future of entertainment it is the present of some of the most creative and entertaining programs available today. Also, as I’m sure you know it’s commercial free and when a program is released the entire season is available for viewing. If you really get into a program you can just keep watching it episode after episode.

The Crown is nothing short of outstanding. Marty has always followed all things “Royal” and she thinks this is the best entertainment she has seen – movies and TV – in a long time.

We watched Episodes One and Two last night and I felt like I had just seen a full feature film that I would give an A rating for entertainment, history, human interest, politics, cinematography and grand sets. Perhaps its the “American” in me but when I see one of these well done pieces about the Royal Family the full range of human emotions – both good and bad – seem to be in full view.

Neither Marty or I know any of the British actors but they are great at being “British.” Claire Foy – who ever she is – did a wonderful job in Episodes One and Two of showing us the transition of a young girl to a wife and mother and is just starting to come into her own as Her Royal Majesty.

As the only American actor in the cast John Lithgow does an excellent job portraying an aging Winston Churchill in the final act of his political career. The costume and make up artists should win an award for transforming him visually into the Father of England.

If you have Netflix jump in on “The Crown.” Marty and I believe you will really enjoy it.

Lethal Weapon – The Best American Buddy Cop TV Show Since Miami Vice

How lucky can one couple get? Marty and I saw Denzel bring down the bad guys in The Magnificent Seven and in the very same week we are treated to the best American Buddy Cop TV Show since Tubbs and Crocket in Miami Vice! This is the most fun Marty has had since our honeymoon! OK – maybe I had you up to there but you know I crossed the line with that weak reference.

Fox’s rip off of Mel and Danny’s Lethal Weapon movies does not disappoint. I will state unequivocally this is the best Buddy Cop Procedural on TV. My ex-news anchor friend Kurt Fonger taught me that a Procedural is a TV production that begins and ends the plot each show. Unlike “24” and so many of today’s TV shows that leave you on the edge of frustration – Fox’s Lethal Weapon does not leave you “hangin bro.”

This show is a fast paced hour of entertainment combining Black and White – action and violence – definitely good and bad guys – great one liners – stirred with four cups of Sarcastic Humor – Partners – Family and deep rooted heart ache.

Daman Wayans (Murtaugh) is probably the only “face” you will know but in this role he plays the straight guy to Clane Crawford (Riggs) and Riggs steals the show. If possible I strongly encourage you to use your Xfinity On Demand or what ever TV provider you use and watch the premier episode first. The show builds on Murtaugh’s family dynamic and Riggs PTSD and other deep seated emotional issues from the tragic loss of his pregnant wife. As a sub plot the writers do an excellent job of dealing with the subject of suicide.

Well enough of me droning on – by the way did I mention Murtaugh’s successful and hot Defense Attorney wife played by Kesha Sharp – the ever present and necessary authority figure Captain Brooks (Kevin Rahm) and the beautiful and charming Police Psychologist Maureen (Jordana Brewster)?

HBO’s The News Room – Great TV – An A Solid

Marty and I just watched and loved HBO’s new series The News Room. I don’t know who the actors names are but I have already bonded with the main characters. The writers on tonight’s show put together the best dialogue I have heard on TV in years. Given that there was no violence and no sex and we were glued to the dialogue Marty and I both give The News Room an A Solid.

If the future shows are as good as this one you don’t want to miss them. Sunday nights at 10:00 on HBO.

Uncle Larry

The Miami Marlins New $550,000,000 Ball Park. It’s a “must see” tourist attraction for South Floridians – provided you have some patience.

Though neither Marty or I like Baseball we wanted to see the new Miami Marlins Ball Park and it is quite something to see. If you want to see pictures of the stadium, the seating and the parking garages check it out on

We are both glad we went but would probably not do it again. The Ball Park is spectacular, colorful and with the ability to open or close the roof and open the East glass wall to the City of Miami independently it’s quite a mechanical marvel.

We left Juno Beach at 10:30 for a 12:40 Cubs game and covered the 85 miles to the SR 836 Airport Exit off I-95 by 11:45. From there we could see the White Domed Park – less than a mile away – which took us another thirty minutes to get into the parking lot. This is one of the areas where patience is required. It seems they have plenty of parking but the local streets get totally jammed and it takes forever to cover the last mile. If you go to a Marlins game I would recommend you purchase your parking in advance and regardless of where your seats are park in: 1. Third Base Parking – 2. Home Plate Parking – 3. and definitively last First Base Parking.

We purchased Club Seats, Row D, $75 each, which were very close to the field. When we got to the entrance to the Park we had to walk up and up and up to the Promenade Deck and then walk all the way down to our seats. I’m not sure which one of the three Stooges came up with this idea but it couldn’t have been Larry. Once we got to our seats we were told they offer no food service in the Club Section and I had to walk back up to the Promenade Deck against the crowd to stand in a line longer than any I ever stood in during the Army. We found our seats during pre-game activities and by the time I got back I missed the line up introduction, the National Anthem and the first two batters.

At this point I am fuming and trying to remain calm. I ordered the Pulled Pork and Pulled Chicken sandwiches, which when I finally fought my way back to our seats were quite good. They are made by a Miami “local” and feature a vinegar base sauce. One Heineken and the excellent sandwiches calmed me down and I began to take the time to really look around and see what a nice Ball Park it is with a good view of Downtown Miami out the left center field wall.

We left after the fourth inning and got back on I-95 in just a few minutes. However, I got the feeling that getting out of the parking garages at the end of the game might require more patience than I possess – which isn’t much.

Overall we were glad we took the day to see new Park. Unfortunately, Baseball hasn’t gotten any more entertaining so I can’t totally recommend this adventure to everyone. However, if you actually like Baseball I’ll wager you’ll enjoy the time.

Uncle Larry