About Me

Who is Uncle Larry? At 66 I’m too old to be young and too young to be old. I was born in GA – met and married my wife Marty in 1968 right before shipping out to Vietnam. As an angry Vet we moved to Chicago where I was in the Bond Business. We retired to FL and live in Juno Beach. We have one son Tony, attend Christ Fellowship, play lots of golf and love to eat at Palm Beach Grill.

With God’s blessing I’ve beaten Thyroid and Prostate Cancer yet still struggle with the anger issues now and then.

Who are you? Who can define their lives in 100 words but I tried – go ahead and count them! My goal for this blog is to share a few life experiences and let you look just under the surface of the Mind of Uncle Larry. I’ll do a movie, restaurant or travel review now and then, make some observations on life – and if you learn something interesting, are entertained and or feel like you are getting to know me or yourself better you’ll keep reading. Otherwise I’m history!