New iPhones may be on the way in 2020!

I have the iPhone 11 large and with the IOS 12 and 13 software upgrades it just doesn’t seem to perform as well as when it was new. I’m sure there are new features in all that new software but I honestly believe part of the reason Apple loads up the older phone with the new software is to get us to buy new ones – which cost at least $1,000.

I had made up my mind I was going to buy a new one this weekend and then I read the article below about from the Wall Street Journal about what Apple is coming out with in 2020 and I’ve decided to put my plans on hold and wait for the “next big thing.” Here’s the summary of the article:

iPhone Excitement Returns—Kinda

“It’s hard to get jazzed up about another iPhone, but analysts are predicting this to be the biggest upgrade in years. The addition of 5G may not even be the most exciting part. Industry analysts are spreading word of a new iPhone 4-like design with a stainless steel band and flat glass backs and new cameras that capture depth information to help with augmented reality. You can bet on Apple releasing multiple models at different price points, and there’s even talk of an upgrade to the smaller iPhone SE in the first half of the year.

We don’t anticipate a completely port-free, wireless-only iPhone this year, but the new U1 chip in the iPhone 11 models has a lot of untapped wireless potential. Since the chip allows iPhones to more precisely locate and communicate with other U1-equipped devices, it wouldn’t surprise us if, in iOS 14, Apple added more new ways for iPhones to communicate with each other. It might even release the long-expected lost item tracker so you can locate your keys or… dog.”

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