Knives Out – Real Acting and Real Enjoyable

We really enjoyed “Knives Out” with Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer, Don Johnson and a very strong supporting cast!

If you turn on “Pay Per View” and they are advertising a 100 yard sprint between the tortoise and the hare at $10 per each at the Senior rate – would you hit “YES” and wait for the event to begin? The gun sounds, the Hare makes two or three “leaps” and leaves the tortoise in his wake. Since you paid $10 apiece you figure you ought to at least watch to the finish and see what happens. The Hare crosses the STRAIGHT and OBVIOUS finish line and the inquisitive tortoise takes his sweet time and right before the end takes the “road less traveled” and crosses the ACTUAL finish line just to the right for the “legal” and “personally satisfying” finish.

If this scenario were a movie is it possible for “slowness” to be overcome with “excellence?” In this era of computerized everything and non stop action is it possible to actually enjoy an old fashioned “Who Done It” that has an outstanding script – steady and professional, enjoyable and relatable acting – all revolving around a plot you hope is coming to the end you want but aren’t sure it will ever get there?

For Marty and I the answer is an uniquivable YES. If, like me you are on Clonazapam to take the edge off you may want to wait for home viewing. That said, I was never bored during this film. Daniel Craig as the “Famous Detective Benoit” turned in the best acting performance I have seen since “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” James Bond is more thrilling but his work in “Knives Out” as a professional actor is not to be missed. The film revolves around his character and the “warm hearted nurse” played marvelously by Ana de Armas. Her more popular roles to date have been in “Blade Runner”, “Knock Knock” and “War Dogs.” She convinced me she was the caring nurse to an older man in the last days of his life who chose what he believed was the best for his heirs and the person who carried him to the end.

If you enjoy films that are carried by the dialogue and interaction with the other actors you will love this movie. This film will not lose anything on the 60” 4D Small Screen other than the enjoyment you will pass up by not seeing it NOW!

Uncle Larry

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