Ford Vs Ferrari – A+

Praise God! Finally a real movie with real people reliving one of America’s enduring themes: Men, Cars, Speed and the Women who loved them.

Matt Damon and Christian Bale did a great job in “Co-Starring” roles of the lives of Carroll Shelby of Cobra fame and Ken Miles, a lesser known but reknown race car driver. Caitriona Balf did nice job as the supportive wife of the driver Ken Miles.

This is a great movie and all red blooded American Men and Women are going to want to see this on the BIG screen. The cinematography and Dolby sound helped me to feel I was right there in the race car with them.

Generally speaking this is a true enough story and and I love it when a plan comes together and the good guys win. I’ve had enough drama watching the news from Congress to last two life times. Take a break from TV and buy a ticket for what I believe will be a big success at the Box Office.

Uncle Larry

2 thoughts on “Ford Vs Ferrari – A+

  1. Robert Broekema

    Remember, when you are talking Ford you are talking Michigan. Yeah, the movie got good to great reviews in all the MI media I’ve seen. 

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