John Wick 3 – One Wick Too Many

When does the “unbelievable” actually become “unbelievable?”

The original John Wick was excellent – perhaps because the plot, the actors and the script concept were a new package of entertainment. John Wick 2 was fine but not nearly as interesting or compelling as the original. John Wick 3 has burned out the candle of my interest in ever paying to see another one.

Why? How many times can one almost regular human being defeat innumerable groups of 5 to 15 highly trained combatants all at once? About half the way through the only thing I liked about the movie was the “Dog.” The “certainty” that once again no person and or no group of evil doers could ever defeat John Wick became just too predictable to make the well choreographed fight scenes the least bit interesting.

I encourage you to pass on John Wick 3 until it comes out for “free” at home so you don’t feel like you overpaid and you had to stick it out to the end to get your money’s worth or at least to see if “Dog” lives. Spoiler alert, they both do – unbelievable and predictably of course.

Uncle Larry

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