Captain Marvel – Worth Seeing if you are PATIENT

Marty and I haven’t seen a movie in so long we broke down and saw Captain Marvel today. The good news is there were only about 10 people there for the 3:10 showing. If you have been waiting to see it on the big screen now is the time. On the other hand I can’t say I discourage you from waiting for home rental.

If I were a pimply faced 15 year old with a thick head of red hair, slicked back with pomade into a duck tail – oh wait – that was me 58 years ago – I would have enjoyed all of this film. As a 74 year old that didn’t grow up on fake computer movies I found the first hour and a half slow and bathroom break worthy. The last half hour was very good and it ended with a “bang!”

I don’t know Brie Larson but any decent actress who looks good in a Captainess Marvel suit would have sufficed. Samuel L. Jackson was excellent as always. I like him on screen despite his politics. My favorite supporting actor was “The Cat” and you should keep any eye on him.

I understand “Marvel Productions” had to “introduce” us to Captain Marvel but it took so long to make the introduction. They probably figure with the cost of doing a film today and the potential for a sequel so what if the folks who see the first one have to be patient.

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