Sara McLachlan – Very Talented

If you are reading this and you don’t know Sarah McLachlan please send me a reply so I don’t feel like the only person who doesn’t. Tony and his Fiancee Jenna were planning a trip for her to come down and they saw Sara McLachlan was in WPB performing at The Kravis Center and they got all excited about seeing her. We found two sets of two seats that someone had returned and off we go.

She describes herself as a singer songwriter who finds “joy in sadness and depression” and brings that to her music. On several occasions she playfully mocked her music for never being upbeat or joyful.

As a 51 year old vocalist she has real pipes and tremendous range. Marty said she is an excellent pianist and it seemed to me that the concert Grand Piano she was playing was responding to her fingers with restrained effort. Early in her set she played a wired acoustic guitar and brought it to life. Later on she broke out an electric guitar and showed she can really pick. As an entertainer she did a 90 minute set and followed it with two encores with no break and only one woman who played cello and guitar and harmonized occasionally when it seemed appropriate.

Her respite came in the little talks she gave in between songs sharing her motivation and giving us a window into her mind. Her words painted a picture of a strong woman, daughter of two girls she really loves, a determined feminist and a moderate humanist. Regarding the political scene she had very little negative to say and spoke like a child of the sixties that wanted us to all find love and harmony – like she finds in her music.

The Kravis Center was sold out and it was filled with far more women than men and they responded with applause and shouts at almost any song or story she told.

About an hour into the concert I had only heard one song I knew (I will Remember You) and despite the sincerity and energy she put into her performance every song began to sound like the ones before to my untrained ear. 

If you are a fan of Sarah you should go and see her if she comes to your area. She is a real professional and puts on an almost one woman show. 

If not, I’d say don’t download her music but every now and then ask Alexa to play “I will remember you” – enjoy it and avoid the crowd and paying twenty bucks for valet parking:)

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