Horses for Courses – III Forks Restaurant On the PGA Corridor

Marty and I celebrated our 50 Wedding Anniversary at Cafe L’Europe in December and this being our 50th Valentine’s Day we decided to take the reins of our “Price Pony” for the night. We have a good friend who recently lost her husband and we thought it good for her to spend the occasion with company. Good company in Marty’s case anyway. Our friend doesn’t eat fish so we chose to make our once a decade trip to the popular but expensive steak place on the PGA Corridor “III Forks.”

We have friends who think the sun rises and sets on III Forks. I can see that if you want to stay in North County and “Wet Aged Prime” steaks are your thing and you have a “Price Stallion” rather than our “Price Pony” its a good choice. That said, when I sit down to write one of these restaurant reviews I have the broader dining public in mind. The categories I always consider are: Food Quality, Service, Ambience, Full Bar and Wine Offerings, Variety of Entree Choices across the Protein Groups, Small Plates, Desserts, Location, Anything Special that appeals to us and of course our “Price Pony.”

We had a lovely evening and very much enjoyed the wet aged Prime 8 oz Filet at $42 and their Prime Boneless 22 oz Ribeye at $60. All three of our steaks were cooked exactly as we ordered. We opened with a house salad at $11 and two Lobster Bisqsue at $12 each. Like many “Steak Joints” the meat comes naked so we ordered the Sauteed Spinach at $10 and Six Cheese Potato at $11. We had three glasses of wine and shared one dessert. Our bill for three diners with a 20% Gratuity was $325. Our “Price Pony” bucked a little but we knew it coming in and after all it was Valentine’s Day.

How then would I rate and or rank III forks? Please take a look back at the categories above I always consider. If you love Wet Aged, Prime Steak – want to be local and have a “Price Stallion” I’d say this is a good choice.

On the other hand let’s consider two other dining options within 50 yards of III Forks: Bonefish and JAlexander’s. If you like steak III Forks ranks number one of these three local restaurants by a wide margin. However, once you get past the steak – which is easy for me – Bonefish and JAlexander’s would equal or exceed III Forks in each of my other categories – especially price.

My conclusion and recommendation is simple. If you want top quality wet aged steaks and can afford it III Forks is a good choice for you. If you prefer a restaurant that equals it in all other regards for much less money Bonefish, JAlexanders and several other restaurants on the PGA corridor will give you just as enjoyable an evening and leave you with something for the light bill.

Options: Let’s say you are blessed to have a “Price Stallion” and are open to other choices I think the food is better at 1000 North in Jupiter and the ambience is superb. The creativity, choices and quality at Cafe Chardonnay is better and if you like Dry Aged meat Capital Grill’s ambience and service is superior. If you are willing to drive to Palm Beach there are a dozen of finer quality restaurants in this price range.

At the end of the day and this review I just can’t get fired up about III Forks but then again I’m not really a steak kind of guy.

5 thoughts on “Horses for Courses – III Forks Restaurant On the PGA Corridor

  1. Archie Malcom

    Larry, I enjoy your blog post and restaurant reviews. I found you blog after Margaret, my sister, commented that your posts were amusing and entertaining.

    1. Archie, I have found from my 73 years of life experience that there are some people that get my sense of humor and some don’t 🙂 if you get it my friend you may want to seek counseling before it’s too late 🙂 blessings, uncle Larry

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    1. Candy, Marty and I prefer Ruth Chris. Primarily because we prefer juicy/fatty steak and that is their specialty. We also like their cream spinach and cheese potatoes. Their prices are a little less then the other two steak joints. That said the downside is Ruth Chris does not feature prime meat in all their entrées. A few of their pieces at prime and it will be noted on the menu. It’s ambience is not as nice as Capital Grill but it is the equal of three forks. Larry

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