Cold Pursuit – Get’s a B+ from The Stephens Family

OK, I know what you are thinking! You know the film starts Liam Neeson so it must have a revenge plot. Correct. You assume he plays the “Good Guy.” Correct, in fact right off he is being given an award as Kehoe, Colorado’s “Man of The Year.” You assume that someone he loves gets killed in the beginning of the film. Correct again. You assume that shortly into the film Liam, AKA “Nels” finds and kills three of them. Correct, how did you know it was three in the first round of killing? You are doing so well.

You assume that Liam makes a calm and collected plan to get to the man who ordered the hit and continues his killing spree until all the bad guys are dead. Wrong. I’m so disappointed you didn’t see a plot twist coming. That’s OK neither did we. At this point the plot thickens – two diverse groups of “players” enter the drama and the “Dark Humor” begins. I won’t say anymore about the plot except that it was interesting – the violence always felt justified to us and the director assumes you may have forgotten how many bad guys have been erased so he keeps score for you.

We were entertained throughout – I was never bored and not once thought of taking a potty break. Other than Laura Dern, I would have to Google the film to know who the supporting cast is but they all did a nice job. My personal favorite was the Indian Chief.

Did you assume there was a frantic vehicle chase at the end with one last surprise death – done in both an unexpected and darkly funny way? Correct again? Give yourself a B+ for your correct answers and if you are OK with violence and the occasional spilling of blood check out “Cold Pursuit.”

PS – Save yourself some time and don’t Google Kehoe, Colorado to see if you have been there. It was filmed in Canada.

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