Sa-Lute To Excellence

Marty and I went to Sa-Lute in the Summer “off season” here in S FL and we chose them for my 73rd Birthday because we really liked them earlier and wanted to see how they are doing “in season.” We shared the evening and the bill with our friends Mike and Joanne and we all had a wonderful time. We are glad to report the food and service was even better than before and we learned a few things we want to share with you.

The food was excellent and is also very good value for the PGA Corridor. For “Apps” the four of us shared an order of the Meat Balls ($11) with a generous portion of tomato sauce and the Stuffed Dates ($9). Both the Meat Balls and Stuffed Dates came with four portions so we each had a large, moist and tasty meat ball with plenty of sauce to go around. We all had a rich and tasty stuffed date so for $20 total we had plenty of food to keep us going while we talked and read the menu.

One thing we learned is the very customer friendly “Wine Pricing.” Each bottle on their list is priced at competitive retail prices with only a fifteen dollar or so “Corkage Fee.” The combination of which was very good value for us. We were leaning towards the Salmon and all enjoy Chardonnay. We looked at the Sonoma Cutrer at $26 plus a $15 corkage fee for $41. We almost order it but then we spotted one of our favorites – Rombauer Chard for $42 plus a $15 corkage fee or $57 total – much less than we can get it in a restaurant in North County. We couldn’t resist the Rombauer at this price and had two bottles before the night was over.

For our entrees we had and highly recommend the Short Ribs, Salmon and Filet (straight up without anything added.)

Once again we had an excellent dining experience at a price we can afford. Mike, Joanne, Marty and I all highly recommend Sa-Lute Market to you for a friendly environment – good service and food and excellent wine values.

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