A Star is Born – Stretching the Full Range of Human Emotion

“A Star is Born” for me personally resonated with the full range of my emotions. I laughed – I held Marty’s hand and shared the love and support so evident as portrayed by the leading and supporting cast –  I rejoiced in the fulfillment of personal dreams and insecurities overcome – I twitched in my chair and became uncomfortable as the twine of their lives began to unravel and I was moved with “Ally’s” closing scene in the film.

It was a sparse crowd for the 3:15 showing today but when Lady Gaga’s closing song ended no one moved as they showed the main credits using out takes from the film. You would have thought it was a full house with the clapping and comments from our fellow viewers.

Asking an amateur like me to “rate” this Film is like asking the creation to give a grade to the Creator. The male and female leads earned their chops and laid it all on the line as they drew us in to the lives of the descending and ascending characters, Jack and Ally.

Bradley Cooper was amazing. He was the Director, Male Lead and a fully accredited “P.G.A.” – a “Mark from the Producers Guild of America, which indicates the credited producer performed a majority of the producing duties is the film.” Lady Gaga earned her chops as a lead Female Actor as she ever so naturally allowed me to believe I was watching a struggling young Italian singer/song writer filled with insecurities get her break and then faithfully, but firmly “stand by her man.”

As I look back at this film the thing that impresses me the most is how two Professionals in the entertainment industry at the peak of their careers crossed over from their primary craft and were both impressive in their new roles. Bradley, in my view, is one of our finest Actors. I will never forget his portrayal of Chris Kyle in “American Sniper.” He brings even more emotion and vulnerability to this role. What blows my socks off from what I read is he actually sang his own songs and played the instruments. Lady Gaga never let me think of her as anyone but but the up and coming hit artist “Ally” and a young woman who falls in love with “Jack” and supports him to the bitter end.

The supporting cast was in the background but excellent. Sam Elliott, one of my favorite actors played the strong supporting brother of Jack. I had no idea until I got home that Andrew Dice Clay was Ally’s Father and filled all my expectations of a strong Italian Father. Finally you could have bowled me over with a feather to see that Dave Chapelle played the role of the supportive next door neighbor from Jack’s past.

OK – I have to wrap this up. I have two suggestions for you:

1. If you only see one movie in the theater this year make it this one – “A Star is Born.”
2. Go with someone you love!


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