The Joys of Fall in S FL

The daily high begins to cap out below 90 – it gets into the low 70’s at night and the humidity declines to the point where you don’t think you see it in the air and your sunglasses don’t fog up the minute you walk outside. Once in a while we can even open a window.

Our electric bills decline by at least a third and I can wear jeans to Church and not work up a sweat on the walk from the parking lot. Our “seasonal” friends from NY and NJ haven’t come back yet so the roads are only moderately crowded and you seldom ever get the honking horn and middle finger.
As great as that is for Marty and I – who love TV – the good news is most of the new and renewed Fall TV shows are rolling out. Our old favorites are still our favs but there are few new contenders on the horizon. Surprisingly two of them are sitcoms which are not usually my cup of tea.
Last Man Standing with Tim Allen and the Baxter Family have been picked up by Fox on Friday night at 9:00. I assume that must be the night the left wingers all meet at the beach, hold hands and support their friends who still can’t believe Hillary lost. The “conservative” humor is still there and in the opener they had some killer one liners – mocking the network who dropped them (ABC).
The Neighborhood with Cedric The Entertainer is the first real contender for the “All in the Family” re-do award but the races have changed places. Cedric is no Archie Bunker yet but its only the first show. He likes his new white neighbors as much as I like an apple cider vinegar with kale slushee. Check it out on CBS on Monday at 8.
Over on Netflix a show they debuted The Good Cop featuring Tony Danza and Josh Groban. Would you believe me if I told you Danza is the one who sings? Marty and I sat down and knocked out five shows and it went by like Fall in Chicago.
Well that’s it so far for new Fall TV shows that we like. Marty and I both are looking forward to finding some time to get to the theater and see the latest remake of “A Star is Born” with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

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