How Do You Make A Ryder Cup Sandwich?

How do you make a sandwich? Do you put the “feature” item in the middle of two pieces of bread or do you put the bread in the middle with the feature item on the outside?

You don’t have to be a Psychologist to read the body language of the American players in the just concluded Ryder Cup. Coming off the big year end finish with a $30,000,000 prize pool and $10,000,000 for first place at stake and starting the 2019 PGA Tour Golf season next week the scheduling geniuses of golf put the Ryder Cup right in the middle.

It doesn’t surprise me because for decades the “PGA Tour” (The Professional Players) has viewed the “PGA of America” (The Professional Teachers) like the poor, dumb step child. It seems the PGA Tour doesn’t care if the PGA of America – the Association responsible for the Ryder Cup and the teaching of all the great future tour players set their schedule for 2018 set the players up for failure.

How often have you heard it said it’s really tough to win “back to back.” Look at Tiger – it’s great for golf he seems to be back – to some degree or another – but how much gas could he have left in the tank after winning the “Tour Championship” just last week. It seemed to me that Bryson Dechambeau played like a dog in the Ryder Cup but after winning two events in the “Tour Championship Series” he had to be playing on fumes! Then Captain Furyk teams them both together to start out the Event?

I don’t know what the geniuses in Ponte Vedra Beach are planning for 2020 but I hope they get over their feuding with the PGA of America and realize that when the US Team get drummed on a world stage it’s the PGA Tour Players that look bad – not the PGA of America that is running the Ryder Cup.

Musings from a below average tennis player who still watches golf!

One thought on “How Do You Make A Ryder Cup Sandwich?

  1. Robert Broekema

    I don’t follow golf as closely as I used to…. But isn’t th e PGA going to become a spring event in 2019? That will help a bit but you’re right about Tiger being so up the previous week. What could he have left in the tank a week later, and playing five hours earlier, winning on Sunday and then having to be ready to go on Thursday…? Along with everyone else. I thnk it’s all about the money. But we’re suckers to live with the schedule we’ve got and then expect to play well in the Ryder Cup.



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