Musings on the Passing of My Friend Dave Burke

These observations, feeling and musings are my meager attempt to express my feelings following the “Celebration of Life” for my friend Dave Burke – which was held in the Ocean Room at The Breakers Friday Morning. I have been to more “Funeral Services” than I can count and have officiated and spoken at a few but Friday’s Service had to be so special for the family it stands out as the “best” I have ever attended. I say “best” in the sense that the family participated and was so warmly supported by the speakers and those fortunate to receive an invitation. At the Family’s request they ask that the service reflect the balance that Dave had between laughter, work, his family and faith.

As I write this note I struggle with which to share first. At Nine AM The Ocean Room was full to capacity and the sun was gleaming in from the ocean view windows over the platform and those present.

I have to start by sharing what a wonderful, loving Family the Owners, Officers and Staff at The Breakers are. After our Pastor at Christ Fellowship Todd Mullins opened in Prayer he introduced the President and CEO of The Breakers Paul Leone. Mr. Leone spoke from his heart about how much he loved Dave and how the Breakers family know he loved them. “Guido” – as Dave called his boss to great laughter across the Ocean Room – said every member of The Breakers Family from the bottom to the top loved Dave and respected the tremendous job he did for The Breakers. He spoke equally of the faith he shares with Dave and the assurance of his home in Heaven. Mr. Leone – because I would never call him Guido – spoke warmly about Dave’s Church Family and how he respects Christ Fellowship and Pastor’s Todd and Tom and their impact on Dave and his Families lives.

The second is my complete admiration of the reflections shared by Dave’s “Best Friend” Bryant Gumbel. To be honest I am not that big a fan of Bryant’s style on TV and it gave me an opportunity to learn an old lesson – the person you see on TV may not be the real person at all. Between tears and laughter Bryant shared so many stories of their lives as best friends who spoke two or more times on the phone each day and saw each other weekly for golf and meals and laughs we all had the feeling that we shared in that relationship together with them.

At three points during the service Pastor’s Matt and Brad from CF brought moments of inspirational music that were Dave’s favorites.

Finally the time came for Dave’s two son’s – Ryan and Matthew – to share their version of life with Dad. They brought down the house with immensely personal stories through tears of joy and laughter. I have never, ever heard a family reflection as moving and funny and joyous and loving as Dave’s Sons. I know Dave was looking down and loved it and it had to be a wonderful moment for Dave’s wife Amy.

As they stepped down I, like everyone in the room were emotionally drained from tears and laughter. The seemingly opposite poles of human emotion having been experienced by all present.

The service had gone on for well over and hour but it seemed like only twenty minutes and as I looked at the program and saw my friend Founding Pastor Tom Mullins or “Coach” as Dave and a lot of his friends call him was up next. I couldn’t help but wonder how can Coach possibly follow all that? And then in the twinkling of an eye in eternity Coach brought the Word of God to life and gave Amy, Ryan and Matthew and everyone present the hope that only Faith in Christ can give. Coach closed in prayer asking those present if they had the same certainty of their personal eternity that Dave enjoyed.

I have never been more proud to be be associated with Christ Fellowship than I was Friday Morning.

Finally, as the close came I reflected on what I had just experienced. A Christian Celebration of Life in the Ocean Room of The Breakers – one of the absolute top rated Resort Properties in The World – during working hours. I was so encouraged that only in America – with a family ownership group of fine Christian people with Believers at the helm can Christians and Jews, Celebrities and Executives, friends and strangers come together to celebrate a man that everyone in the room considered their friend – including me.

Thanks for listening.


2 thoughts on “Musings on the Passing of My Friend Dave Burke

  1. Don Bray

    Thanks for sharing this. What a tender time it must have been. Matt and Brad, Tom and Todd is the A-Team of CF. I’m reminded that your friendship with Dave and kindness to us provided our first stay at the Breakers many years ago. May the Lord comfort Dave’s wife and children through these days of sorrow.

    Don Bray
    Senior Associate Pastor
    D: 561.776.3379
    T: 561.799.7600 x3379



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