Jack Ryan on Amazon TV – The Best Show on TV right now!

Tony and I both have come down with bacterial bronchitis and sinus infection so we are a little low on energy and enthusiasm at the moment. We are dutifully taking our antibiotics, Promethazine with codeine cough syrup, “pearl” drops and all the vitamins and supplements we can think of. We have become converts of the “NeilMed Sinus Rinse.” It can take you from being totally stopped up to breathing freely in just a few minutes.

That said I have been meaning to send you a note telling you how much Marty and I have been enjoying the new Jack Ryan TV series on Amazon TV. If you have a “smart TV” and you are a member of “Amazon Prime” you are already receiving the Amazon TV Network at no additional charge. The figures I saw recently on dollars invested in TV production by Amazon, Netflix and the Broadcast Networks would lead us to believe the most new and creative programs coming our way are going to be on Amazon.

I have enclosed a link on the “Rotten Tomatoes” review of Jack Ryan. You know it’s based on the Tom Clancy Novels about a well decorated Marine turned mild mannered CIA Analyst who gets thrown into the midst of the battle against terrorism. It’s our favorite show on TV right now. The acting is good – the plot is right up to date and the production of the scenes – especially the middle east insertions of American forces are realistic and believable. Like Netflix and other “digital streaming” video providers you can “binge watch” to your hearts content.

This next sentence will not sit well with the politically correct crowd but I don’t give a damn. The thing I like best about this show is it makes it 100% totally clear that we are in a war – an idealogical and spiritual warfare between the followers of Islam in the East and us – the Christians in the West. It is the ultimate Good Guys versus Bad Guys drama that will one day usher in the beginning of the “End of the Age” and the return of Messiah to Rule with a Rod of Iron.

Finally, in addition to “Jack Ryan” there are a lot of other TV and Movie offerings available on the Amazon Network. For now while the only “cost” is to join Amazon Prime and get free delivery it seems like a bargain to me – but I do shop on line.


3 thoughts on “Jack Ryan on Amazon TV – The Best Show on TV right now!

  1. Leo and I love this new series!

    We enjoyed a number of them:

    Suits (excellent!) The Good Wife The Americans Justified (LOVED THIS!) The Guardian (LOVED THIS TOO)!

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  2. Dolores

    Bob and I both loved the Jack Ryan series on Amazon. Unfortunately, we binged watched the entire series in three days. Now we have to wait for the second season!! We also watch a lot of the BBC series on Prime and movies.

    Love Amazon Prime, we have a package on our door step at least two times a week. It is less expensive to buy a lot of things on Amazon and not go to the stores.

    We also utilize the Amazon Prime Books, we get to read a lot of books for free on our Kindle App, downloaded on our IPADS.

    I also bought Amazon stock when it was at 1324.00 a share and now up to just under 2,000.00. Wish I could have afforded to buy 100 shares!

  3. Just watched the first two in the series, and agree it’s very good! I read a bunch of Tom Clancy’s novels and seen a number the movies they made from his books. Was wondering if this would be good, and your blog pushed me to give it a try. Will definitely keep watching! See you soon! Tom

    Tom Lane Energy Capital Partners 917-363-1324

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