Mile 22 – This film is extremely violent, suspenseful and has an ending I never saw coming!

If the Motion Picture Association rated movies for violence they way they do for sex, Mile 22 is as close to X as I have seen. This film is not meant for most of you who read this review. That said, if you are of a certain mindset – an attraction and affinity for extremely realistic and graphic violence that comes at you so fast you can hardly keep up you can can not miss Mile 22. If you see this film you will never forget it.

Mark Walburg won’t win an award but he brought this hopefully fictional character to life. Iko Uwazs – who plays “the asset” Li Nor is the second coming of Bruce Lee on steroids. Jon Malkovich has a minor but authoritative role and fills the bill.

The movie started out at a good clip for about 10 minutes and then pumped the breaks for almost a half hour. I know they have to set the scene and flesh out the characters but it was just slow for a bit. Then almost without notice buckle up you seat belt for 40 minutes of frenetic action, sound effects, violence, suspense and boom – just like that the surprise ending.

I asked Marty how she liked the last half hour and she said “I got bored with the speed of how things were happening and the violence.” Many of you may feel that way. I, on the other hand allowed myself to be drawn in – and doing my best to keep up with each scene, who went down, what happens next, how will they escape and I found it very suspenseful – almost tension filled.

As I said this movie is violent, filled with suspense and not for everyone. If you like this kind of film – and you know who you are – you will be filled with the kinds of emotions that exhilarate you. Regarding the issue of paying ten bucks and seeing it now or waiting for home viewing I can take both sides of that argument.

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