Abhor the man – Respect the Actor – Love the Mission Impossible Films

Mission Impossible-Fallout. People who have High Anxiety, Nervous Disorders and or a Heart Condition should not see this film. There was no issue with going to sleep, losing interest or going to the bathroom. My only problem was on occasion I had to work on my deep breathing techniques to calm my nerves.

Here’s what we loved about this two plus hours of riveting entertainment: Suspense – Action – Adventure – Fabulous World Wide Cinematography – Unparalleled Realistic/Dangerous Stunts -Great Car Chases – a strong Female Cast – a good plot that left us trying to figure out who the real bad guy was – a surprise character addition towards the end and a little drama or is there a category called “Suspense/Drama?”

This may sound crazy but there were times in the film where I had to stop myself and think – Larry, this is just a movie, it ain’t real life. At one point the lady sitting next to us let out a gasp and threw her legs up in the air and I just ignored her because I was glued to what was going on. If there is a Motion Picture Category Titled “Suspense, Action and Adventure” Mission Impossible-Fallout raises the bar for the next big film to come.

Two of my least favorite people in real life – Tom Cruise and Alex Baldwin – are great in this film and play to “type.” I started to mention the women in the film by name but they were all good. There were five strong women in IMF Fallout and all did a great job in their roles.

At the end of the day the entire IMF Film series comes down to one thing: Tom Cruise and the almost unbelievable stunts and action adventure scenes he plays. Meaning no offense to my Jewish Friends – Tom really brings home the bacon in this one.

If you like Suspense, Action and Adventure you must see this film. If you are ever going to see “Fallout” make every effort to see it on the big screen. The scenes of Paris and London brought back so many memories for Marty and I. The long shots of the Mountains in Asia or where ever they were filmed were better than watching Nat Geo on Cable.

Marty and I both give Mission Impossible-Fallout an A and it would be an A+ except the crescendos of Suspense always seemed to lead to another crescendo greater than the last. Finally, I don’t read the “scab sheets” but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last Mission Impossible film. I can’t say why really but it had that air of closure about it that we almost never see in a big budget film where the ending sets you up for the sequel. In a positive way I really liked the ending because all the pieces came together – the bad guys were all killed and there were no “loose ends” left dangling.

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