Avocado Grill – Downtown at The Gardens

Avocado Grill – What do you think they serve there?
Where is the line between creativity that leads to high quality and just being different for difference sake? A couple of years back we jumped in with all the “foodies” and drove to the new Avocado Grill (AG) in WPB. We thought it was interesting and had a sort of “we didn’t have a big enough budget to finish the place” decor. I’m not real crazy about mixing my food groups so after two visits we said “Uncle.”

So now AG is hotter than a pistol and has opened in a very big space at Downtown at The Gardens – the Grave Yard of shopping centers in PB County. We held off for a few weeks to let it settle in and actually enjoyed our late lunch/early dinner today. The service is excellent and the bar seems top notch and flexible about it’s “mixology”

The room and outdoor seating are very attractive and in case you go and are wondering the huge AG on the north wall stands for Avocado Grill and all the plants and ferns in it are fake. Fortunately the food and drinks aren’t.

We tried the Avocado Margarita from the special drinks list and we got what we deserve for falling for that. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. Mercifully “V” at the bar was open to mixing her special blend of Blanco, Repasado and Anejo with just simple syrup and a full lime. She did a great job and things started to look up!

Our server Bud is a man born out of time. He should have lived in the ’60’s but who knows, maybe he did. After a lot of input about not liking to mix my food groups he recommended the “Whole Avocado Vinaigrette” for ONLY $6. It was excellent and we should have ordered one each instead of splitting one.

We followed with the Guacamole for $13 – what else do you order at an avocado restaurant? Bud recommended we try the crispy carrot slices for two bucks and to roll the dice and for $4 upgrade to the Crab on top. I’m not into healthy or mixing my food groups but the carrots slices were great for dipping into the Guacamole – instead of the usual corn chips – the the Crab added a nice flavor offset to the rich and somewhat spicy Guacamole.

For an entree we ordered the Grilled Steak Tacos. It consisted of two “small” soft shell tacos and some very good crispy fries. Thank goodness for the fries because the tacos were small in size only – not in hot and spicy! In addition to our continually full mason jar water container we were saved by a small bottle of Chamay – real Belgium beer brewed my Monks in where else? Belgium!

Marty and I liked AG and will go back again and look forward to trying the Grilled Prime Burger and V’s personally designed Margarita.

2 thoughts on “Avocado Grill – Downtown at The Gardens

    1. Ira, good to hear from you. Let me know when is good time for us to come and would love to check it out. Larry

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