Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MO The First Time in this Century I have agreed with the “Members of the Academy!”

With some significant warnings Marty, Tony and I believe Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Mo (3 BB) is by far the best home viewing film we have seen in a long time. That said if you are sensitive to cursing you will be offended by the dialogue. Maybe I’m just excusing bad behavior but the language and bigotry in this film reflects the world it was meant to depict.

Speaking of the dialogue it is outstanding. 3 BB is a Dark, Violent, Brooding Film but in the midst of that the screen writer created moments that I can only describe as very dark but very funny! Is this movie a comedy? Absolutely not – not in any sense of the word. The truth of this film is wrapped up in one of its final lines – Anger begets Anger.

I can not remember a film when the quality, depth and breadth of the acting was as good as 3 BB. Frances McDormdand (Fargo) deserves all the credit she has received and I hope she gets a gold Statuette to go with it. FYI she is married to one of the Coen Brothers in the real world. Sam Rockwell immersed himself in the role of a rural Southern bigot deputy but it was hard not to love him in that role. In addition to his acting chops he had some of the film’s darkest, yet best humor. Woody Harrelson took a deep breath and reached back to the level of work he did in Natural Born Killers.

We loved this film but you may not! If you can not get past the way angry and foul mouthed people talk you will be offended. Please don’t see this film and then tell my you were offended by the language and the bigotry.

Finally I read on Wikipedia that much of 3 BB was actually filmed in Sylva, NC – which is in the Western NC Smokies about 36 miles by car or 22 miles “as the crow flies” north of Highlands, NC – a place Marty and I love to visit.

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