Jumanji – Entertaining but Adults should wait for Home Viewing

Marty and I thought Jumanji was cute, entertaining, humorous and suspenseful in a light hearted sort of way. The acting could be described as camp – especially by The Rock mocking himself and the characters were all likeable. Any aged audience could see this film and it had a really nice ending.

We are glad we went to see Jumanji in the theater so as an adult you don’t have to. It was slow in more than one place – including the plodding and laborious first 15 minutes. We think we would have enjoyed the movie much more at home where we could take a break or two and picked back up and or fast forward a spot or two.

That said if you have children or grand children between 6 and 12 I think you will be glad you took them to see it on the big screen and share a box of over priced popcorn and a soda.


2 thoughts on “Jumanji – Entertaining but Adults should wait for Home Viewing

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