American Made – Tom Cruise – Wait for Home Viewing

When you go in a theater on a rainy and windy day in FL and there are only five – yes, make that 5 people total in the theater your instincts should tell you something – other than can I get my money back?

I describe American Made as an interesting and funny “semi documentary.” If you really like Tom Cruise you will like this film because I believe he is in every scene. He worked for his money on this one.

For me I’m not a fan of Scientology’s Poster Boy but I lived through all of the Central America and Iran Contra affairs and thought Marty and I should see it. Marty is a big fan of Tom and she liked the film buy agrees that it is not a “must see” on the big screen.

There were 10 or more times that I laughed out loud so I think I would enjoy this film at home. Note to self when someone laughs in a theater and no one is there does it make a sound? There were half as many times when I thought this is a really long film only to find out its only 115 minutes.

Towards the end of the film they tied President Reagan to the whole mess and I loved Reagan and still do. That said – watching the Vietnam Documentary on PBS I was also disappointed to hear that JFK said he would have pulled out of the War in Vietnam but if he did he would never get re-elected so he pressed on in a bad cause. I like to think that Reagan meant well and spent his time hating and fighting communism where ever he found it and allowed the establishment to take what ever means necessary.

Well enough political commentary. American Made was interesting and had some funny moments but I think you should wait for home viewing.

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