Kingsman: The Golden Circle – A TON OF FUN

If you liked the first Kingsman back in 2014 you will love this one – as did Marty, Tony and I. For pure entertainment – realistic or not – we give Kingsman: The Golden Circle a SOLID A.

There will be no nominations for acting “Awards” but there were some really funny roles with actors playing against type. The “bad guy” in this film is in fact one of my favorite red headed women – Juliane Moore. She may not be convincing as the “world’s largest and only drug dealer making $250 Billion last year” who yearns for attention befitting her status as an entrepreneur. That said she has some clever and funny lines and a unique plan to legalize drugs world wide.

The best performance in a smaller role is given by Elton John – a complete spoof – but not so subtly very funny!

The Kingsman – a British Spy Agency – are joined in The Golden Circle by “The Statesman” – an All American Spy Agency from Louisville, KY. While the “front” for the Kingsman continues to be a Tailor Shop the Statesman base their agency out of “Statesman” Whiskey – which is a brand of Kentucky Whiskey that was in fact bottled prior to the movies release. I can’t say what it taste like but you can buy and let me know what you think!

The Action sequences – which come fast and furious are well done. The comedy and one liners – which are ever present and for the most part funny and well timed. I did feel personally that as the movie reached it’s natural ending point the director include one or two too many comedic scenes which for me seemed to drag out the last 20 minutes of the film. However, do no despair Elton saves the day! One note of caution this is a violent film – made easier to watch because of the comedy buy violent nonetheless.

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