How Was Your Day Today?

Does your car have one of those “FOBs?” Can I ask you what the heck is a “FOB” anyway? Is that like “LOL” – which I am still confused about. Does it mean “laugh out loud” or “lots of love?”

I often get replies from my insane e mails or texts with “LOL” and I flinch and think to myself did I say something inappropriate to that person to let them believe I love them? Is it something like the issue we now face of which bathroom to use? My choice is primarily based on how fast I have to go based on my continuing case of Amoebic Dysentery that I got in RVN!

Personally I blame the whole darn thing on Al Gore! When he “invented the internet” he should have come out with a glossary of terms!

OK, back to my real life drama! My friends at Christ Fellowship asked us to visit a 99 year old gentleman who is under home “Hospice” care. We jump in Marty’s car – which has the magical FOB – and we visit him and God really uses the time and he verbalizes the principles of Romans 10: 9 & 10.

We Praise God and get in Marty’s car and my iPhone beeps to let me know Christ Fellowship is asking me if we can visit another gentleman in Hospice at Gardens Hospital.

Of course I text back yes and I press the “button” to start the car. NOTHING HAPPENS. I put my foot on the break pedal firmly and press the button again and nothing happens. I repeat this process three more times and nothing happens. I now scream at the car and curse it for not starting. Is there any chance for me maturing or subduing my anger issues?

Then on the fifth attempt to start the car I NOTICE that when I have my foot on the break I am pressing ON THE RADIO ON AND OFF BUTTON! I press on the START button and of course it starts.

I ask you – who is smarter or mature? The Car or Me?


PS I dropped Marty off at home and when I got to Hospice at Gardens Hospital the wonderful, loving, kind and Saintly women who perform an act of service and grace there greeted me kindly but said I missed him by an hour and his Family had all gone home. I figure it was either God’s Will or I blame it on the Car – it can’t be my fault!

2 thoughts on “How Was Your Day Today?

  1. Ira Fenton

    You are a “beauty”! Don’t ever think about visiting me at Hospice. I know all about it because of Mom and Dad. As soon as they mention “palliative” care it is over- no more food or water. Seven to ten days later you are amongst 52 virgins if you have somehow ended up in the Moslem section of heaven (oxymoron).

    Ira C. Fenton
    Fenton Partners, Ltd.
    11601 Kew Gardens Ave., Suite 101
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
    PH#: 561-630-5116
    Cell: 561-379-2333


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