The Magnificent Seven – A worthy compliment to its predecessors and a very entertaining Western to watch.

The Cinematographers presented the landscapes as a pallet upon which the writers and actors paint a gritty, rich and colorful film that will some day be known as a classic Western.

A rag tag bunch of misfit Cowboys, Indians and Confederates are led by a Black Gunman with an unknown motivation for justice and a burning hatred for The Bad Guy! The Town Folk are led by a spunky young widow whose husband was killed in cold blood in the local Church.

Marty, Tony and I really liked this film. Certainly not because of its originality but because it was BIG – full of action packed scenes that never left me bored – the odd mix of characters bonded – it had interesting dialogue and the big showdown of the Magnificent Seven against an army of bad guys was well planned, chocked full of close up and personal killing of many bad guys – which led to a good ending with a couple of surprises.

Not only are we recommending this film to you but we encourage you to see it on the Big Screen. It was filmed in New Mexico and Louisiana and the scenery is as important as any character. The Costume staff did an excellent job of dressing the actors in what we romanticize as Cowboy attire with vests, boots, shiny Colts and Peacemakers riding magnificent horses.

When the credits rolled we sat in our seats for a couple of minutes reflecting on how well we had been entertained – which I believe is the point of going to a movie.


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