I made my first Political Contribution today for Brian Mast – Combat Wounded Vet who is running for Congress

I made my first political contribution today for Brian Mast – also a Combat Wounded Veteran who is running for Congress here where we live in District 18. You are probably too young to appreciate this but sometimes I forget things. My phone rang today and it was Brian, saying he got my number from his wife Brianna and asked if he could talk for a minute about his run for Congress.

While he was talking I had a flashback to one of our favorite servers for years at Palm Beach Grill – his wife – Brianna Mast. Brianna asked Marty and I several times back then to pray for “my husband” when he was shipped to the Middle East and in 2011 she implored us to pray for him as he had both his legs blown off by an IED. Of course we did and then we heard her reports of his long but remarkable healing and then the battle to adjust to his new artificial below the knee legs.

I saw the ads recently they are running on local TV and it dawned on me finally – that is Brianna from The Grill’s husband. Today I got an e mail from some good friends who are seasonal and they asked me if I knew him and told me about Brian being a strong Christian and Family Man – two boys 4 and 6 and a one year old girl – and that Marty and I and our friends at CF should get behind him.

Then just an hour or so ago Brian calls.

I have not met Brian personally but will do that soon when we get together for a local meet and greet. If you are interested in coming let me know. Brian is running against four other Republicans in the Primary later this month. Based on his record of serving our Nation – His remarkable recovery and re-entry into civilian life as a Christian leader of his family – and from what I can read on his website – Mastforcongress.com – he merits my support and I hope yours as well if you live here in District 18.

If you check his website don’t miss the “Meet the Masts” section. It brought tears to my eyes as I remember Marty and I meeting and getting married right before I shipped out to Vietnam. Our proposals were equally “un-romantic” and we had to make do on my $68 a month and her $80 a week. Who knew I married Marty for her money?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Uncle Larry

2 thoughts on “I made my first Political Contribution today for Brian Mast – Combat Wounded Vet who is running for Congress

  1. Terry Coffey

    Dear Larry,
    You were in Brian’s company on Conch Bar Rd (with many other kind folks) in late January 2016. Joe was fond of Brian and supported his political quest. He spoke highly of Brian on several occasions and wanted me to meet him. Brian attended Joe’s funeral luncheon. No press, no dignitaries, no photo ops were present. He came to express his condolences to a “supporters” family. He seems to “walk the walk” of respect and honor. I agree that Brian is one real hope for a better future here in Florida. I am interested in a meet and greet. Continued blessings…
    Terry Coffey

    1. Terry,

      I will let you know. We are going to have something here before the Primary and then something at Barry and Chris Oneill once the general election has started.

      Would you like Brian’s phone number?



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