The Legend Of Tarzan – The Best Tarzan Movie Ever – Just not the Best Movie of 2016

If there really was a “Tarzan and Jane” we would like them to be what we saw yesterday in “The Legend of Tarzan” (Tarzan). This is by far the best Tarzan movie we have ever seen – really first class!

Marty and Larry give it a solid B+. Marty gives it an A and has already asked when we are going again. Larry gave it a B for the few times in the film that it was a little slow. We both enjoyed the film and as Marty says we plan to see it again to be able to pick up more of the dialogue and enjoy the majesty of the scenery and the interplay between the real human actors and the animals – they seemed so very real its hard to believe they were not. If you are old enough to remember Tarzan forget about everything that follows and see this film on the big screen.

This movie is for mature adults! No, there was no sex, no bad words and only enough violence and killing to clearly define the rolls between the “Good Guys” and the “Bad Guys.” A ten year old could see this film but he would not enjoy it as much as an adult who can relate to the characters, human emotion, loss and understand the lengths that men will go to in order to get what they want. A classic battle between good and evil.

As you might expect the “Best Actor” in this film is not the “Leading Actor.” Christoph Waltz (Awards for Inglorious Bastards, Django Unchained, Spectre) brings Leon Rom, an evil schemer, slave trader and all around bad guy to life with deceit, guile, violence and does it all with a smile and a witty sense of humor. He was so good at being bad I liked his character and almost hated to see him die. Speaking of supporting actors Samuel L. Jackson does his usual Samuel L. Jackson and its good enough to have plenty of work.

If you are female it really doesn’t matter who portrayed Tarzan (Alexander Scarsgord) – all you need to do is look at him. Marty mumbled just loud enough for me to hear that I look like that in her mind when the lights go out:) We saw a season of True Blood on HBO but became uncomfortable with the dark spiritual underpinnings so we had not seen much of Mr. Scarsgord’s work. One thing I can tell you for sure: he spent at least a year with professional trainers and body shapers to get in this kind of shape. Very impressive. In addition he was likable, athletic and did a good job interpreting Tarzan.

Margot Robbie is by the widest possible margin the best Jane ever. She played a strong, funny, intelligent and beautiful Jane – fully dressed at all times for the PG-13 rating.

Final Tip: Don’t be late or rush in at the last minute. The film starts right out from the get go so be in your seat to enjoy the development of all the characters!


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