The Four Seasons Resort – Orlando

When I was nineteen (1964 Pre-Vietnam for me) I went to work for Bob VanKampen and Tony Wauterlek in Chicago. They were throwing nickels around like they were man hole covers and I lived in the Oak Park YMCA for months before I could afford an “efficiency” at 5450 North Winthrop. More on that story later. I met Romanians there and I had never heard of Romania. Nobody cares about that story. Bob and Tony were great guys to work for and I say this sincerely – Bob was a Genius. His mind never stopped working. He “created” several types of bond financing and so much more this e-mail will have to stop there. Sadly Bob died in 1999 but gladly our long relationship with his lovely wife Judy and her Daughter Karla and Husband Scott have continued.

This past weekend Bob and Judy’s Grand Daughter/Karla and Scott’s Daughter Jacqueline was Married to a handsome young Jew who was born and lived until recently in Israel and served in combat twice as a Captain in the IDF. Marvelously Amir has accepted Christ as Messiah and Lord. More on that story later. The wedding was like nothing we have ever seen. I mean literally nothing like you have ever seen! More on that story later.

Karla and Scott chose the Four Seasons Resort in Lake Bueno Vista for the wedding and secured a block of rooms for family and old friends at a great rate! If your travels take you to Orlando, Disney and or it’s other theme Parks if you can find a good rate or if you win the Lottery don’t miss the chance to stay at The Four Seasons Resort Orlando.

Here’s my review which is also on Trip Advisor. Larry

The Four Seasons Resort (FSR) Orlando has the appearance, substance and the reality of Florida Style Luxury. In Florida, especially in the warmer seasons, Luxury doesn’t mean jackets, ties and long pants. It’s a difficult balancing act to be a Luxury Resort in Florida – yet maintain a casual ambience – including clothing – with a helpful and friendly staff that are well trained and provide the high level of service one expects at a Four Seasons Property. My wife and I feel FSR Orlando had it all together during our recent three day stay for a wedding of friends in the Grand Ball Room. The wedding by the way and staff service was over the top great!

The Property has a European influence and sits among a developing Disney project with many beautiful homes. Their Common Areas are anything but common. We enjoyed walking around the public areas every day. Yes, there are children there but with the separate Adult Pool and Cabanas – Children’s Pool (plural) and play areas it didn’t feel like we were in the Disney neighborhood. Throw in a Tom Fazio golf course that is featured on the PGA Tour, the quiet full service spa and the roof top bar and dining and it’s hard to feature anyone not enjoying FSR Orlando.

We have seldom met a staff that seems so genuinely happy to serve you and always without any pretense. Though our stay was brief it was intensely relaxing and if our schedules call for a visit to Orlando and or the Theme Parts we will definitely stay at FSR Orlando again!

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