Disney – The Jungle Book: Unless you are taking Children or Grand Children WAIT for Home Viewing

On the one hand “The Jungle Book” is a technological marvel that demonstrates how computer science can deliver us into a world of entertainment that doesn’t exist.

On the other hand for a “seventy something” going to the theater to see this film is akin to getting up super early on Christmas Morning when there are no kids home to open gifts.

My advice: Sleep in on Christmas Day and visit your Family at a more reasonable hour and wait for “The Jungle Book” to come out on home viewing. It is definitely worth seeing so that if nothing else you can be amazed at how far the entertainment industry has advanced. It is virtual reality. You see a child that really exists interacting verbally and physically in a world with animals that don’t.

Perhaps for a child or an open minded and creative adult “The Jungle Book” will capture your imagination and you will become emotionally involved with the child and his jungle friends. Uncle Larry, however, didn’t meet those requirements. Once I got used to the “technology” I lost interest in the characters and would have left but I lived in hope that I would warm up to it. On a positive note, Bill Murray was a terrific bear, it had a happy ending and the child should be nominated for some award for being able to appear to be interacting with animal friends that don’t exist.

Maybe that’s the point of the whole exercise!

One thought on “Disney – The Jungle Book: Unless you are taking Children or Grand Children WAIT for Home Viewing

  1. Terry Coffey

    Good Morning Larry,
    I took 6 grands the other evening and felt so disappointed in the level of violence and the lack of warmth that I perceived. Tech-wise the film is spectacular but for children (myself included) it was not as memorable as I had hoped. I always enjoy your comments. Keep them coming… Love to Marty!


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