Bridge of Spies – An Excellent Home Rental!

Bridge of Spies is a film in the classic style of cinema. What could Steven Spielberg do to make this movie interesting when everyone already knows the plot and the ending? Being the genius he is he went for the sure thing: Great Dialogue/Screenplay and Excellent acting by Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance.

Bridge of Spies was nominated for a “Best Picture” Oscar and has a 92 Rotten Tomatoes rating. Mark Rylance was splendid as the Russian Spy and as you know won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. I can not believe Tom Hanks was not even nominated as Best Actor. He carried the film on his shoulders and seemed to be in most every scene.

With all these platitudes why did we not see it in the theater? It’s 134 minutes plus the credits and given the lack of “suspense” the film seemed seemed to plod along like a work horse at times – which is the beauty of Home Rental – go to the bathroom, make a drink or have a second dessert.

All in all Marty, Tony and I highly recommend Bridge of Spies to any and all age groups who enjoy a classic film. I can’t remember any foul language and not a hint of sexuality. I think you will enjoy it very much if you have realistic expectations about the pacing and just relax and enjoy the dialogue and acting.

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