Who is Winning? Trump or “Cruzio?”

There’s nothing the Media likes more than a controversy so we all sit by our TVs and Internet waiting for the next key insight into when Donald will be crowned King of the Blue Team! The Media’s motives aside who is winning today – Sunday 3/6? The latest Delegate vote I saw this morning has it this way:

Trump 385
Cruz 298
Rubio 126
“Cruzio” 424
Kasich 36

My absentee ballot on my desk here tells me Florida and Ohio are coming up on 3/15 and they are winner take all States with Florida having 99 and Ohio 66. If Rubio wins Florida and Kasich takes his home State Ohio – excluding the other states we have:

Trump 385
Cruz 298
Rubio 225
“Cruzio” 523
Kasich 102

It seems to me the Blue Team race is far from over and who knows if Trump will stumble and or the others will play let’s make a deal. As the wise and ancient TV Kung Fu Fighter David Carradine once said “Patience Little Grasshopper.”

Let me be clear about one thing. I will never, ever vote for a Democrat again. I did that once eight years ago and look what happened! That said, I just can’t bring myself to trust Trump. He just doesn’t strike me as the “Solid Rock” the wise man or woman builds their house on. As a “Christian” of the remaining candidates Cruz appeals to me the most so I should be voting for Cruz later in the day when we fill out our ballots. However, since this is just the playoffs do I vote for Rubio to help Cruzio and then hope to get the chance to vote for Cruz against The Wicked Witch from New York? No matter if it’s Trump – Cruzio or the Grasshopper I will be voting for the Blue Team candidate.

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