Forsaken – A great home rental that takes you back to the Old West – Even if it was filmed in Canada!

Marty and I just finished experiencing “Forsaken” and I feel as clean as the day I was Baptized:) The Good Guys were good! The Bad Guys were really, really evil! The Bad Guys prevailed for a long time but as the “Good Book” tells us God is not slack in His judgements as some men count slackness and in the fullness of time He sends Kiefer Sutherland to blot out evil from The Old West!

OK, maybe I got a little carried away with a my misapplication of scripture but I can tell you Brother – Forsaken is an excellent home rental. What did I like about it? Everything! Despite the fact it was filmed in Alberta, Canada the Cinematography was outstanding and I felt like I was living in the old west some ten years after the conclusion of the War of Northern Aggression. A time when lawlessness ruled the West and the good that can be found in mortal men and women left an indelible mark on who we are as Americans – the remaining vestiges of real Cowboys.

Kiefer and Donald Sutherland did a marvelous job of playing what they are in real life – Father and Son. Each fiercely pursuing different paths which were destined by the screen writers to cross with passion and a happy ending. This is one of those films where you can put you mind in cruise control because everyone knows how it ends and you love how it makes you feel as you cheer deep down inside when the head Bad Guy takes two to the chest and bleeds out in the afternoon sun.

And the hero? Of course he sits tall in the saddle and rides off into the west.

Forsaken – rent it – you will like it and if you don’t it’s only 90 minutes with great scenery.


Fast Draw Uncle Larry

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