Deadpool is not your Grand Father’s X Men Super Hero Flick and it isn’t rated R for no reason!

Where do I begin to review Deadpool? If you are reading this because you are trying to decide if you want to see Deadpool let’s start with the rating – R and it probably wasn’t close with the Committee. Language – Sexual Situations – Frontal Nudity – Graphic Violence and Blood are just a few reasons why most of you are not going to be comfortable seeing Deadpool. Take me seriously when I tell you this film is not for children and given the combination of adult themes and language I don’t know what age is qualified.

Humor! Yes, old fashioned “camp” or cynical one liners woven into the script and coming at you a mile a minute is what makes this film. If you took out the smart-ass, snide and critical remarks Deadpool would be in the back of the rack in the video rental store. Whether you like what is said and how it is said or not – the classic wise guy, one liners at just the right moment carry this film.

I hear that Ryan Reynolds – the movies twisted anti-hero – personally worked on the script and fought with Fox to produce this film for something in the neighborhood of $60 million. I see it’s “grossed” (no pun intended) nearly $500 million world wide already and Deadpool 2 is being fast tracked for your viewing pleasure.

The Director/Writers (including Reynolds) used one of my least favorite movie techniques – the Flashback – to open the film and then filled us in with the “back story” fifteen minutes later. I would criticize the technique as an interruption to the flow of the plot. However, as I said above if you take out the humor, sex and violence this movie has the plot of a tadpole crawling out of the swamp and becoming The Hulk. If you believe that then Deadpool is meant for you.


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