Star Wars – If you like the Star Wars and Star Trek Films you wil LOVE this one!

For Star Wars fans this is a 5 out of 5 stars. See it as soon as possible and get ready to clap and have a great time! Kids of all ages will love this film and every kid under under 12 is going to want the new Sphero BB-8 toy. Heck I would like to have one myself. Seven out of ten kids aren’t as expressive as BB-8 and he/she doesn’t even speak English. New answering systems will now have Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish and 3 for BB-8!

If you did not see any of the first six films it’s probably a 3 out of 5! Why do I say this? There has to be a reason you missed  38 years worth of Star Wars and Star Trek. Those reasons probably still hold. In addition if you haven’t seen the other films you won’t know the story and won’t identify with some of the characters and (spoiler alert) will not feel the pain when – – !

I really don’t see the point in telling you about the movie because its Star Wars! Enough Said! Get out there and see it ASAP! We all LOVED it!

That said the technology and cinematography only got way better. The new young stars are easy to like and they have a bond with the historical cast. The time frame is only one or generations removed from The Original and you will recognize all the space craft and other assorted accessories. I can’t wait for the next Episode when we find out who is whose parents!

Feel free to e mail or post if you have any questions but that’s all I’m saying and I probably already said too much!

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