A Two Dollar Red Box Recommendation – The Man From Uncle

Are you feeling bored and cheap but still want to have some fun? Not that kind of fun!

Tony picked up The Man From Uncle Movie – the 2015 version of the TV series Marty and I loved from 1964 to 1968 for $2 at Publix Red Box.

This movie was so hot it starred Superman and The Lone Ranger. Don’t believe me – look it up or read on!

If you are old enough to remember Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and his partner Illya Kurykin (David McCallum) in the TV series of the same name you will get a real nostalgic kick watching this funny action re-do starring Henry Cavill as Napoleon (Superman) and Armie Hammer as Illya (The Lone Ranger). Tony – who is 43 laughed harder than we did and also enjoyed the action scenes and the last quarter entry of Hugh Grant as the British MI-6 Agent who rode to the rescue on a – – – no spoiler here.

Will it win any awards? No way Jack – who is Jack anyway?

Is it slow in parts? Absolutely and that’s what’s great about a $2 rental from Red Box – you have plenty of time to put it on pause three or four times to get some ice cream, fix a drink or see a man about a dog.

It started with a good action scene by the devilishly handsome Henry Cavill – sort of reminds me of myself in my dreams – then moved into introducing his future partners and gave us a nice combination of comedy and action. There was no skin, no gore and yet it was entertaining – imagine that – and all for $2.

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