It is with deep regret that Marty and I can not recommend Sandy Bullock’s New Film – Our Brand is Crisis

Those of you who know us well remember the early nineties when Caravan Productions used our condominium in Lake Point Tower in Chicago to film the scenes of the wealthy lawyer (Peter Gallagher) in Sandy Bullock’s second big movie – While You Were Sleeping.

Sandy was just a doll. She was sweet, friendly, kind to Marty and traded quips toe to toe with Uncle Larry. We love Sandy. We see every movie she does and have liked them all and recommended all of them to you until now.

The good lines and the clever humor in Our Brand is Crisis were indeed good and clever. Sadly however, there were just not enough of them and there was way too much down time in between the “good stuff” for us to recommend you see this film on the big screen.

With even more regret I feel obliged to tell you that unless you love Sandy the way we do that you should not spend $5.99 or what ever it costs on home rental – but rather wait for free viewing on which ever cable or broadcast outlet picks up Our Brand is Crisis.

While Our Brand is Not Crisis Marty and I feel like we are in one by giving Sandy’s movie a poor review.

Uncle Larry and Saint Marty

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