Woodlawn: A Faith Based Movie – Reviewed by my #2 Critic – Tony Stephens

Living here in Juno Beach in retirement can be stressful. What! Am I pulling your leg? How long is your leg anyway? Between losing tennis matches to my son – visiting folks in the local hospitals, home visits and Hospice – fulfilling my duties as your official Movie and Restaurant Reviewer – and counting the waves per minute during the Nor’easter we are having today sometimes I just can’t cover all the bases.

You may have read the internet sites saying strange things like: “Hollywood Awakening? Faith-Based Film Woodlawn gets A+ Reviews.” Perhaps you saw the first seven respondents from “Rotten Tomatoes” giving Woodlawn a score of 100. What! Are you kidding? A faith based film getting good reviews!

Marty and I had a full day but we knew it was critical to get a review coming your way. Hence my #2 Movie Critic and son Tony was called into emergency duty to screen Woodlawn for the team. After all it is a movie about teams so what’s more appropriate than bringing in the back up QB on this one. Here’s his to the point review of Woodlawn – which features in a small and modest way as the opposing Coach our good friend and Pastor Coach Tom Mullins. I hear from Critic #2 Coach has about 20 seconds of dialogue and maybe a full minute in the film.

Tony’s Review of Woodlawn:

“Dad – and other less important people of the world.

If you’re in the mood for a excellent inspirational feel good sports Christian movie then go see Woodlawn! Was it the best movie that I’ve ever seen? No but it was definitely one of the best inspirational Christian sports movies that I’ve ever seen.The end!”

OK, so he’s a little shorter with his words than I am but after all it was a text. I’ll tell you this – I’m darn sure motivated to go see it and soon.


One thought on “Woodlawn: A Faith Based Movie – Reviewed by my #2 Critic – Tony Stephens

  1. The Donald

    This is one of the finest reviews of a movie given on this blog. It’s like replacing Cutler for a “winning” quarterback.
    The added value is that it saved me time reading because if was concise and “said all that need to be said.”


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