The Woods: Tiger’s New High End Sports Bar in Jupiter’s Harbourside

If you are in town or live locally I think you will be pleased if you take the time to stop in and see The Woods – Tiger’s relatively new restaurant in Jupiter’s Harbourside.

The “build out” sends a message – welcome to the cool place in town. Once you get past the modest entry way the main room looks like what I would expect to see if Tiger had an apartment in Manhattan. It “says” modern and youthful with its sharp and clean lines and well blended colors of black and muted brown and grays. Seriously can black and muted browns and grays be called colors?

If it weren’t for the fifty or so flat screen TVs everywhere – including two in each booth that seats six – the Dining Room which surrounds the Bar – would really look like a modern and elegant restaurant. As a sports fan I find the TVs a plus and as a practicing ADD diner I’m always glad to have a sports program I can check on when the food is slow to arrive and or when I get tired of hearing myself talk. Yes, believe it or not I really do get tired of hearing myself talk occasionally but its never stopped me from rambling on.

Speaking of hearing myself talk as I looked around – other than the tall ceiling there is not one soft, sound absorbing material on any surface. When this place gets to jumping I’ll bet you the volume level will make the Palm Beach Grill sound like your High School Library.

If you would like to “see” what Tiger’s new place looks like before you go check out the two websites below. The first is the Official The Woods site. It opens with moving shots of the room and invites you to open the easy to read links. I encourage you to click on The Menu. That way I don’t have to waste your time telling you about what they offer or what it cost. I will say the items we had were slightly above average quality for Jupiter dining – which wouldn’t pass for low quality in Chicago or Manhattan. But hey – you won’t freeze your butt off waiting to get in for your 8:00 reservation at 8:45.

The second site is from Yelp and if you look just to the right you will see an option to open all 46 pictures. Once again sparing me the necessity of getting out my iPhone.

For now there is only one Menu – for lunch and dinner. I would say it’s fully priced for lunch but generally reasonably priced for dinner. Our personable male server from Syracuse (Go Orange) said they will soon be offering several daily “Specials” on the dinner menu.

Marty and I are huge fans of the Seafood Sandwich at the Ocean Bar in The Breakers. The Woods has something that sounds almost like it and comes with Truffle Fries so we all ordered that. Bad move! Its not cold, fresh pieces of lobster and crab but a luke warm “cake” of what could be mystery shell fish with that “fish taste” and a bun thick enough to require a teen ager to pull out their retainer to get their lips over it all. Sadly, the Truffle Fries were fried sometime today but had sit quite a while under the heat lamp waiting for them to turn their crispiness into limp but tasty potato strings.

On the plus side the fried Calamari were good – if not a little chewy – but we really like the breading. Finally one clear winner is the Chocolate Cake whose description sounds like a conglomeration of all things chocolate. It was excellent! We had one for the three of us and had a third of it to carry home.

I am losing to Tony at tennis tonight so I could not have a drink. However, Marty and Nancy ordered the Strawberry and Basil Margarita. They were smiling right away so I took a sip and for a slightly fruity Margarita for the Ladies or Men who want to be – it was pretty good.

Remember to open The Woods Site and Drink in the Corporate By-Line: Relax in Style, Eat Extravagantly and Play better on the weekends than Tiger.


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