The Intern – The Best Movie Surprise in Years – Larry and Marty and her Sister Nancy give this “people comedy” A 90+

“The Intern” is the best movie surprise we have had in years. We bought tickets for “Sicaro” – were seated in our reclining chairs in the new Jupiter Cinepolis when the manager came in and apologized but the projector was down. We came partly to show Marty’s sister Nancy the new luxury theater and The Intern was their choice so we moved to that theater and are we ever glad we did.

Do not miss this movie! If you like to sit on a clean toilet or dry your hands with cloth then wait for home viewing but what ever you do – see this with a friend, a wife, a lover or a date but don’t miss it.

Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway were fantastic. We are talking about really pulling off the role and filling the screen with chemistry and humor. It’s not a romantic comedy – it’s a “people comedy” and we laughed and laughed. I had no idea De Niro could be so straight and so funny all at the same time. I’m sure you know the plot so I’m not spoiling anything to tell you De Niro plays the role of a seventy year old retired widower who takes an internship in a “start up” high tech retail clothing firm – founded and run by Anne Hathaway.

The script is excellent. The plot all makes sense, it hits you with one or two surprises and we can not tell you the last time we laughed out loud like this. When it was over the people in the theater clapped with enthusiasm.

The highest praise I can give The Intern is that I was never bored or disinterested for one minute. The pacing of this people comedy was perfect and ended right on time on a high note.

There were four or five younger supporting actors who were excellent but I wouldn’t know them if they served me at Starbucks. One gal that really rang the register in her limited role is Rene Russo. I can’t say any more.

If you are not a “movie theater” kind of person there is no need to go because it will not lose anything on your home screen.

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