The Martian: $55 Million on the weekend – A 94 by Rotten Tomatoes – Only an 80 from St. Marty and Uncle Larry

The Martian – When it was good it was really good and we were glad we came to see it on the big screen. Some parts of the film reminded me of the enthusiasm President John Kennedy inspired in us as a nation for Space Exploration. The attention to detail in the space ships and vehicles was impressive and for those of you who want to see this film the “big screen” is the place to do it.

On the other hand after the first thirty to forty minutes there was the traditional mid movie lag but sadly it came early and stayed too long – before rallying for the big finish. Seeing The Martian sort of reminded me of Combat in Vietnam or what it may be like to be a Police Officer in one of our big cities. When it was exciting it was really exciting and in between there were periods of expectant boredom.

Matt Damon is this movie! Other than the opening every scene on Mars was Matt being Matt and he did a good job. The supporting cast was also strong. We thought Jeff Daniel played the almost pompous head of NASA right to the line, Kate Mara is always cute and Kristen Wiig did a good job as a Space Center Exec but I couldn’t help but think of her in scenes from SNL.

Marty and I had high expectations for The Martian and we were disappointed in the inconsistency of the pacing. We really hated to give it an 80 grade because it is a big film with great cinematography and strong acting. However, when I dozed off for about five minutes at the two hour mark I knew I wasn’t going to give it a strong recommendation.

Uncle Larry

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