Cinepolis Luxury Movie Theaters

My Dad – who is famous for squeezing his nickels – once said why not go first class for a little more?

I guess the answer to that is – are we talking about:

1. A $700 Coach Ticket to Paris versus a $4,000 seat in First Class or

2. $8 for a Senior Ticket to a movie at Downtown at The Gardens or $14.75 for a Reserved Senior Ticket in a true LUXURY recliner, with a wide bottom, leather trim and automatic seat recliner – with the seats separated into groups of two – in a theatre with only six rows and 10 seats per row – make that five sets of deuces – and available food and soft or alcoholic beverage service available? Not only that but when you buy your ticket you pick out your specific seats.

If you are organized and know what you want to see and when – you can go on line at home and pick your specific reserved love seats for two – or however many you need – pay in advance – knowing where you are going to sit. If you get there before your showing you don’t stand in line – just go right into the beautiful lobby, sit in one of their sofa and chair groupings or pull yourself right up to the very attractive bar and get yourself in the mood for some romance or maybe some action and adventure.

Sure, it’s an 84% mark up but after all aren’t you worth it?

Forgetting about the money for a minute if you and your wife or special friend are going out together you have to try the new Cinepolis Movie Theater in Jupiter at least once. Marty and I felt like we had our own cozy seating area with a one foot side arm table between us and the people on either side of us and individual trays on a swivel for your food or beverage of choice. We could put the seat all the way back and there was still room for the server to walk in front – which surprisingly wasn’t a distraction because they kneel down to take your order and bring it quickly and quietly.

Even if you don’t order food – which we didn’t – the luxury seating for two was fun to try. We did, however, order the Patron Repasado Margarita and it wasn’t bad.

Just for fun Marty and I recommend you give it a try at least once.

Ticket Prices: Adult $16.75 – Senior $14.75 – Children under twelve $14.75.

Finally, Cinepolis Jupiter does have theaters with luxury seats that do not allow alcoholic beverage service.

ONE WORD OF WARNING: It was cold in theater six. As a joke I asked if they had blankets and the server said yes sir – they cost $10 and they are yours to carry home. What could I do? Saint Marty was cold so now we have a blanket in the trunk of our car in case we ever break down in the cold and snow and need to warm up.

Uncle Larry

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