Cabo Flats – Jupiter – Sad – Like watching the wake of someone you don’t know!

In the history of restaurant management the decision to close the Downtown at The Gardens Cabo Flats location and move it to US One in Jupiter will go down as one of the top five worst decisions ever – ever – ever.

Cabo at Downtown always had mediocre food but it had a great bar scene – a place to see and be seen and the Bar Staff was friendly, professional and made great drinks.

Cabo in the dead zone on US One in Jupiter has worst food than Downtown and the drinks are below mediocre and weak too boot. The bar scene consisted of ten to fifteen retired guys sitting with their heads down sipping their drinks like Willie Lowman at the end of a bad day of sales calls. The most exciting thing that happened all night was when a bus-man dropped a tray of plates.

When I say “dead zone” I mean it literally. Since we moved here in late 1996 there have been five failed restaurants in this location and my money says it will be six by the end of season two.

If you live in North County your choices for Mexican Food are limited. As mediocre as they may be Rancho Chico and Calaveras Cantino at Harbor Side are better than Cabo Flats on US One in Jupiter. If you are limiting your driving range to North County and you want a good and strong Margarita try the Repasado Double at The Thirsty Turtle or the surprisingly good “straight up” Margarita at Schooners – sitting in the AC at the bar.

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