Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. The Impossible Mission Accomplished to My Full and Complete Satisfaction

When I consider the whole body of work – Action, Stunts, Script, Misdirection, Acting and Entertainment Value – Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (MI 5) is the full package. MI 5 is an action film with a plot, sub-plots with twists and turns, scenes done live with real people/not computers and some really good one liners and interaction between the Actors. If that weren’t enough it takes you all over the world like a travelogue on steroids that almost never slows down.

Marty and I both feel this is not only the best film we have seen in 2015 but it may be the best purely Action Film of all times. If you factor out the romance, sexuality and love interest of the Bond films MI 5 is a better Spy Action Drama – but let’s be realistic who really wants to factor out the romance, sexuality and love interest?

Make no mistake this is Tom Cruise’s Movie. He is the film and the film is him. While I’m not a big fan of him personally or his cult – his physical presence, the bigger than life action scenes he actually filmed, the delivery of his lines and his work with the supporting cast could not have been better.

Speaking of the supporting cast Rebecca Ferguson is no “Bond Girl” but she is a classically beautiful woman and compelling character who stole many of her scenes – especially her fighting sequences. Jeremy Renner is polished and smooth as Tom’s Boss and biggest supporter. I had never heard of Simon Pegg but will not forget him. He was perfectly cast as the sort of “odd ball” side kick. I’m undecided about Alex Baldwin’s role in MI 5. Is he really a lousy actor rolling through life thinking he’s still on 30 Rock or did he do a great job spoofing himself as the insecure and overbearing boss in this film. Decide for yourself and let me know.

I’m sure you have seen the Official Trailer where Tom hangs onto the side of a plane. The movie opens with that sequence and they don’t drag it out but move right into the plot. As good as the plane scene is I felt the car chase and motor cycle riding were even more impressive. There was no rope holding Tom onto the cycle as it made high speed twists and turns down the Moroccan Roads. We heard Simon Pegg say in an interview on Jimmy Fallon that Tom actually did the driving. Impressive it is!

Obviously Marty and I really, really like MI 5. We strongly recommend it to you and it makes our list of “must see on the big screen” films. If you wait for home viewing you will miss a lot. Bring some sanitizer and pretend that crunchy stuff underneath your feet is the sand at the beach and not the last guy’s popcorn.


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