Ant-Man – We Really Enjoyed It! See Hint Below

Marty and I really enjoyed Ant-Man! After you buy your ticket but before you walk into the theater I recommend you do the “Uncle Larry Mind Wipe.” Take your right hand and raise it to your left temple. Holding your index finger straight up move your hand from left to right across your forehead and temporarily wipe away your sense of logic and reality. Stated differently, if you buy a ticket to a Marvel Comic Movie and don’t expect some fantasy and humor you got in the wrong line.

This movie won’t be nominated for anything but we enjoyed all three of the lead actors and one of the supporting cast. Paul Rudd as The Ant-Man looks good with his shirt off and has an excellent sense of comedic timing. Michael Douglas was credible as the aging scientist and Marty loves him in anything since we sat next to him decades ago at the original Wolfgang Pucks in Beverly Hills. Evangeline Lilly, as Michael’s Daughter could sit next to me in any restaurant and I would give the food a great review. She is brunette with blue eyes and fully dressed was very compelling as the “they had to be a couple in the end” female lead.

The most enjoyable actor is a fellow named Michael Penn who is Hispanic and spoofs all the funny Hispanic lines. If I played the part I would be sued but he is hilarious!

Will you miss anything if you wait for home viewing? Only a good time!

Uncle Larry

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