Jurassic World – A Few Follow On Thoughts

Several of our internet friends were concerned about what they may have missed because they had not seen Jurassic Park – or JP Parts II and III. Yes, I had completely forgotten that following the hugely successful and critically acclaimed original Jurassic Park there were two follow up films that I personally did not see. Neither of them were “critically acclaimed” but did post good, but not spectacular box office numbers.

I am happy to report that if you have not seen any of the Jurassic Park films you are not at any disadvantage when you see Jurassic World. All you need to know is revealed in the film and even that is very brief. It’s like watching Super Bowl IV when Kansas City upset the vaunted Minnesota Vikings 23 – 7. Super Bowls I, II and III were distant memories, especially for an NFC fan like myself. Can you believe Super Bowl 50 is coming up. Surely I can’t be that old but my 70th is right around the corner in November.

If money is any indication JW is a winner. It just went over One Billion Dollars (the approximate cost of the Obama family vacations) in Box Office sales in record time.

Finally I read today the female lead – and in our view the leading actor in the film – Bryce Dallas Howard is Ron Howard’s Daughter. Yep – Opie is all grown up and has a beautiful daughter who looks great as a red head. I hear her Uncle Clint Eastwood is also recommending the film.

“That’s all Folks!”

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