Jurassic World – A Rocket Ship of Enjoyment

Jurassic World is continuously entertaining – it builds and grows from level to level and finishes strong!

Marty, Tony and I all give it a 95% rating and an absolute must see on the really big screen. We don’t do 3-D and the regular movie was plenty in your face, loud and visually stunning.

The thing I liked about Jurassic World the best is even though I knew it wasn’t real with a little imagination it seemed to be. Unlike some of the earlier action adventure movies of 2015 that came off as one big computerized blue screen production – Jurassic had a good mix of human interest sub plots, families, kids, humor, good guys and bad guys, finger biting escape scenes and of course a little romance. Somehow even the Raptors seemed almost friendly and of course the big and bad Indominus Rex was really big and very bad but the scale of the film made him seem believable.

Jurassic is PG-13 which once again shows us how “mature” movie ratings are. We enjoy a little violence with our action scenes but I would be careful about taking a young child because there were plenty of scenes where animals and people had limbs and or heads bitten off or were just swallowed whole. The gore was held to minimum and the afore mentioned dinosaur eats man scenes were over quickly – but it is a bit much for a young child.

That said we really, really liked Jurassic World and strongly recommend you see it on the big screen.

Larry, Marty and Tony

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