Mad Max, Fury Road – Somewhere in between the violence, action, and fantastic automotive creations the Relationship between Furiosa and Max comes through.

Mad Max, Fury Road is definitely not sweet “Adeline.” If a film were rated solely on violence Mad Max would be “X” for Extra Action Scenes all filled with high speed violence and death. If you are a fan of the original Mad Max movies you know what to expect and you will love this film. If you are new to the genre I strongly suggest you park your sense of reality at the door and turn your “humor” switch up to full volume. It’s almost like the Director is trying to inundate the viewer with long dizzying sequences of maddening action just to test us to see if we can spot the development of the characters and the relationships that clearly build as the film intensifies and a few plot twists develop – including the ending.

Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa looks anything but beautiful but knocks her role out of the park. Tom Hardy (Inception, Band of Brothers, Blackhawk Down, Star Trek) surely made Mel Gibson proud as he time after time stepped in at just the right moment to save the day but never took a word of credit or had much to say -except that he in fact must be “mad.” The rest of the cast filled their space adequately and the Bad Guys are over the top Mad Max Bad.

The plot you ask? What plot? This is Mad Max! Most of the Good Guys win and all the Bad Guys lose!

Other than the characters and the action the two things that were most impressive in this film were the automotive and truck mechanical creation/wonders – and the Desert and Salt Pan of Namibia. Think taxis in Havana and raise it to the tenth power and you will still be surprised by the mechanical wonders that were actually created for this film. I read on the net and heard Charlize tell Jimmy Fallon that almost all of the action scenes actually took place and there was minimal computer manipulation.

In the midst of all this action packed violence how could Mad Max have themes? How could it not? It’s Mad Max! Relationships – Respect without words – Retribution and Hope shine brightly if you are looking for them. That said – this Mad Max – like all the ones that preceded it has no socially redeeming value.

Should you see it in the theater? If you like 3D I’ll bet the action scenes were off the chart in your face. Marty and I get a little dizzy watching 3D and Mad Max in regular D was still a “big film.” If you can spare the time and you are not feeling socially conscious I’d vote for the big screen.

Finally, and to no ones surprise they already have the name for the sequel and I can’t wait to see it.

One thought on “Mad Max, Fury Road – Somewhere in between the violence, action, and fantastic automotive creations the Relationship between Furiosa and Max comes through.

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