The Age of Adeline – A Wonderful, Wonderful Film

The Age of Adeline (Adeline PG-13) is a wonderful film for anyone and everyone to see. It reminds Marty and I of how movies used to be, in a time gone by before computer simulations, violence and graphic sex. Back when acting and building characters and relationships were at the core of a film.

I cried, I laughed and in the last fifteen minutes I cried even more as the beautiful and talented Blake Lively (Adeline), her love interest (Michael Husiman), Harrison Ford, Kathy Baker and Ellen Burstyn all did a masterful job of the lost art of “acting.” The script was tight and the actors did a superb job of bringing the characters to life as they developed what gives us all hope – love in intimate and long lasting relationships.

The opening scenes that detail how Adeline no longer “ages” requires a combination of innocence, acceptance and trust. Isn’t that a combination of the blessings we all must have to believe that when we meet that certain someone there is hope for a “love that grows old together?”

Maybe its just Marty and I – approaching 70 and having been in love and married for almost 47 years and facing the same unknown future that we all deal with – that moved us to the core of our being. For me personally when I left the theater I felt a sense of calm and peace like I can never remember from a film.

Whether you see Adeline in the theater or wait for home viewing all depends on how long you want to wait to see what I believe will be a film with great word of mouth and “legs” in the rental and DVD purchase market.

We strongly recommend you see The Age of Adeline with someone you love or want to!

Uncle Larry and Saint Marty

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