Cinderella – We made it for 37 Anxious and Boring Minutes

This is it! Marty and I have been officially declared old and cranky!

Perhaps it is our reaching 70 this year. Maybe its living in Florida almost 19 years. What ever the cause – in a sparsely filled theater Marty and I did everything we could to find the entertainment value in the human version of Cinderella but the boredom and telegraphed lines and general corniness overcame us after 37 minutes.

We knew that if we could not find joy and happiness in this classic Disney tale it would officially mean we are now old and grumpy super seniors. We carefully prepared by having a late lunch/early dinner at an excellent new restaurant in Downtown at the Gardens – “Blend.” We shared a bottle of “organic” sparkling wine and very much enjoyed the rich and delicious flat bread and a gluten free and very tasty meatball appetizer.

Alas it just wasn’t enough to overcome the absolute sheer boredom and aggravation we felt watching Cinderella.

I don’t know who the cast is and as a real adult once said “Frankly my friends I don’t give a Damn!”

Great Grand Father Larry – the person formerly known as Uncle Larry

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